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INFO! Badger and Blade 2020 LE Pipe : Askwith Pipes

Four of the last five have tickled my fancy. One of the five didn't get my eye until after people had them in hand and we're posting pictures of them. I missed that one. Oh well. The Dustin Franc pipe didn't appeal to me so I didn't buy it. Don't regret that decision.

The ones I have. I love to smoke and I'll pull them out of their socks just to look at them on occasion. They have been masterfully made and smoke amazingly. I'll out them up against many pipes that cost twice as much. I do save up all year for a lot of them but they are worth it.

I also may need to commission an Askwith pipe after getting this one. I don't know if I would have gone to him for a pipe before this. I had only seen what he has sent out to SP.

Other clubs do POTY. Some of them come in different finished and grades. They are also easy enough to get in on. Depending on the year, the year and the club they can be between $100-200.


Wiped out at 25
I think if you double the number of pipes offered each year, you might simply halve the number of takers for each one. Looking on purely as a spectator (I don't envisage ever joining in), I think you're all doing the right thing already.

As Bakker said, the maker sells pipes to smokers that they otherwise might not, and the buyer gets pipes at a lower price than they otherwise might.

The only "losers" are those like me who stay in the shallow end of the pool, and catering for us would just diminish (cheapen) what would normally be offered to the bigger spenders, with no guarantee there'd be enough shallow end paddlers to make such a move worthwhile. I for one would be unlikely to participate even if a £50 pipe was offered, as I am far too particular in my tastes, to be likely to be caught up in the excitement.

Keep aiming high, Gents. :thumbup1:

Never say never :).
A handmade artisan pipe for $100 is a mighty tough feat. A lot of work goes into these.
So much this.

My wife dabbles in stained glass. She would look at pieces in various markets we would visit on day trips and marvel at the prices being asked for fairly simple pieces. It was not until I put it to her this way that she came around . . .

Figure out the cost of supplies.
Now calculate the time it would take to craft the piece.
Multiply that time by your salary at your "day job", rounding up to the nearest $5.00.
Now double that figure to account for miscellaneous production costs (electricity, etc.).

My wife CONSTANTLY undervalues her skill/time in this regard. It's also why the most "haggling" I would consider would be to ask if the price included shipping.
The Auction is up for the proof. Put on your big boy trousers. The check will be big.
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