Bad Personna (Israeli) Red Blades

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    I had a few of these lying around and tried one in my Rockwell 6C. I liked the way it worked and ordered some more. The new ones came in plain white wrappers instead of the red ones with a picture of a razor blade on it. These new blades are awful. They look the same, they have the same writing on them, but they don't perform the same. I can't imagine anyone would go to the trouble to counterfeit these blades, but after several back to back tries I am certain that the new blades are just not very good. Does anyone have any explanation for this? Has anyone had the same thing happen to them? And what is a good source for the "good" Israeli Personna blades?
  1. are you speaking of these so called Red Israeli Personas?

    If this is the case, I'm currently testing out different Personnas and after I tried the true Reds I tried these ones so Called Reds Personnas that are manufactured for UK/EU market. No way Jose, these Red Personnas are at least 2 notches below the original reds sharpness and smoothness wise... The first one I tried I thought it was a dud, but 2 more blades later there was no longer doubt that these blades plain sucked.

    Here is my rating regarding the personas:

    1. Red Personna Israeli
    2. Crystal Personas
    3. Lab Blue and Med Preps
    4. Red? Personna in white/blue for UK/EU ( these blades put bad name on the Personna brand)

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  2. I have recently used one of the UK Personnas and am inclined to agree. They provide imho a smooth shave but one that leaves you with rough skin. Oddly if you start with a different blade and finish with a UK Personna you can end up polished. I think it's slightly too aggressive a blade for the main shave, but not in a good way. In short if it's doing the main job I feel that it roughens up my face. As ever, ymmv. :001_smile
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    I use the ones blashe had a photo of, the UK while/blue 10 pack. Found that these have been great for me. I have a tough time with the sharper blades so these fit the bill for me. Price is pretty good online as well. YMMV
  4. I have the exact same experience!
    Tried the real red ones and was very impressed with how they performed. Ordered 100 of them from conn shaving, but they are the platinums in blue/white packaging. They should be the same. But I have stopped using them because I don't get any good shaves from them. At first I thought it was something I did, or that I had too good impression of the real red ones, but it seems that I'm not alone about this.
    Very different performance of them!
  5. I used one a long while ago. I got 2 shaves & the blade was done. The USA made Personna's are great.! X6-X7 fine shaves.
  6. I tried both and they performed the same. Might be different batches or something that makes them different. Maybe you got a dud blade inside too?
  7. Well I have tried them several times. Bought a 5 pack of real reds, and was impressed with them, performed very well.
    At once I got the blue reds it was different. Just can't be imagination, going from a top blade to lower end blade.

    But I will give them some more chances, blades tend to behave differently over time so I've learned a lesson to always give a second or third chance to blades and razors :001_tongu

    Could have been the case with the red VS blue reds too, but I did try them within only days.
  8. Steve,
    I have several tucks, unopened, of these White/red/blue Personnas, they are at least 4 years if not 5 old, happy to send you a tuck if you want to compare and see if they changed something in the last several years. I am not DE shaving any longer since the switch to SE, so these have been sitting in a BST for a while unsold, might as well get some use in a side-by-side test...can pop them in the mail wednesday, just let me know.
  9. Its possible that you got some fakes. Last year I bought some Personna Med Preps on Amazon that came in a ziplock bag and they were awful. It made me think they were fakes.
  10. Not an imagination at all, just tested them both this past few weeks, not the same blade 100% guarantee
  11. Interesting thread because one B&B vendor sells these as Israeli reds.
    +1! I have had very good luck with Personna reds (and have at least 200 in stock in case they stop making them.)
  12. the reds that come in red packaging or the so called reds that come in blue/white packaging?
  13. Thanks for the kind offer, Scott, but I just ordered a bunch of the reds with the red wrapper, so I'm all set.
  14. Even for the purpose of the “test”. Settle this thread’s “debate” on counterfeit or not?

    Any one else want to do the test?

    Let me know.

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  15. I never tried red personnas (only USA lab blues) but I remember reading the Amazon reviews on the red variety that is sold from multiple vendors on Amazon and the reviews are very inconsistent. If I had to guess I would say that there is "more than one kind" of Personna reds. I decided not to order Red personnas at all because of this.

    So I wouldnt go so far as to say "Counterfeit" but rather that there are like >3 different varieties of the red blades that are marketed to different markets and regions and that all 3 are DIFFERENT products.
  16. I have used both. My ‘reds in blue packaging’ came from WCS and they perform just as well as the others.
  17. I like them. I often buy the Meijer brand blades, which are rebranded Personna Reds. For me, they're a bit on the dull side but they are very smooth. They work well for me in a more aggressive razor.
  18. Both bought from West Coast Shaving, and they seem identical to me. A truly excellent blade !

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    I agree.

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