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My last post here was exactly five years ago after having been extremely active for nine years before that. I had settled into a routine of doing all of the prep with brush and soap and three passes, but the kicker is I had been using a Harry’s razor after ten years of vintage DE. Let me tell you, I always achieved awesome BBS shaves. Well, I recently set up a friend with a vintage Superspeed, some blades, and an alum block to get started and got the urge to pull out a DE. I used a UFO (remember them?) U2 handle and an open-comb Gillette New Deluxe head loaded with a Feather blade. Beautiful setup, but man did I tear my face up! It seems my DE skills have declined and I went way too aggressive for my first time using a DE in a while. I still love it though.



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Nice razor, you'll need some quality practice and hopefully master it again!


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Welcome back to the B&B rabbit hole, since you've been gone, there have been tons of new razors produced by many lovely artisans. And speaking of that, there have been a lot of new artisan soaps produced by many different brands now too. Even if we don't get you falling down the RAD hole, you will find yourself going down the AD hole quickly. It happens to us all.

I actually used nothing buts carts and electric for years! But when I came to B&B, I fell in love with the traditional wet shaving life, and became a proper traditional wet shaver 1.5 years ago. While I have abandoned cart shaving, I do occasionally get a shave in with my electric shaver. But I wont' lie, it feels so good slapping some Italian soap on my face, the pinnacle of luxury that is. And then sending the eviction notice to my whiskers, with one of my several awesome DE razors.

While my Timeless TI95 is my holy grail razor, I have actually been having a lot of fun with my newest razor, my PAA Copper Ascension Twist Adjustable. I really love how the double open comb head design, both can handle up to 7-day whisker growth, but also be able to leave some lather on the face, to allow for multiple passes. I've used razors like the Rex Ambassador, that take lather off with a single pass, and they aren't much fun to use when they do that. lol
I think it is a combination of my face having de-conditioned itself to a DE blade and losing some muscle memory in my hands. I used to use my Red Tips with my eyes closed…figuratively. Now the RAD is coming back and I just brought my vintage Hoffritz slant to a local plating shop for a new nickel finish.


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... and I just brought my vintage Hoffritz slant to a local plating shop for a new nickel finish.
Hopefully, just the handle. The head is a zinc alloy and nearly all reputable platers shy away from them. They are difficult and easily disfigured in the process. Just a warning. Maybe let the shop know before stripping it.
Welcome back! I get envious of the folks who can use a cart. They tear my neck up something fierce after just two shaves. It's not that I don't like DE razors, I do; the carts are just so much faster when short on time.
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