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Back to the SE ...

... from an unplanned week of using a Gillette Sensor 3 disposable. This was due to minor medical reasons where it wouldn't do to be tugging on the face. Instead, I used one of the Sensor 3 disposables I purchased on a trip last year. I'd gotten passable results from them, and beggars can't be choosers.

The difference is interesting. Aside from pulling, I generally get good enough shaves from the Sensor 3, and the results were passable. Only once, toward the end of the week, did I have significant evening stubble, but resisted the urge for a knock-down shave with the Bic. By my last shave, I was able to tolerate face stretching, and that gave me a one-pass shave on par with what I usually get with one-pass in DE and SE now. The problem was it was yanking enough I could have entered it in a tractor pull. A week is about all I can get out of these things.

Sunday it was back to the Schick Adjustable. Oh, how smooth it was. Great one-pass shave. Today, used it again. A world of difference over the cartridge.

Now, I could have used another Sensor 3 disposable, and had a passable shave, but this is so much more comfortable. Maybe others don't have this issue with cartridges. Yesterday and today's shaves were so smooth in comparison, it was like a dream.

This, along with blade price, is why I SE and DE shave now.
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