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  1. 40 years ago, give or take, I was into pipe smoking. My job at the time required that we had to be outside the plant perimeter fence to smoke (natural gas processing). I have never smoked cigarettes but cigars and pipes, yes. The pipe was the most practical in that if you were outside the fence smoking and some sort of alarm condition arose, you just parked your pipe and went to take care of the problem. I found pipe smoking helped make the midnight shifts bearable. That was a long time ago! I'm not sure when I last smoked my pipes, but I know in the last 30 years I've dabbled a time or two with some leftover Latakia that was way too dried out.

    For some reason, I ran across the Pipes & Cigars website and an offer for a good buy on Seattle Pipe Club Potlatch. The blend seemed like it might be interesting and I've been thinking about a return to the occasional bowl (I blame this squarely on all of you and the pictures you post and the stories you tell!), so I took advantage of the offer.

    Today I dragged out three of my old pipes (I suspect my son has made off with a hand carved Meerschaum that was a favorite), a Town Crier Pipe Shop - I think my first non-grocery store pipe; a Royal Saxon - the only marking on the pipe; and a Savinelli Sherwood Rock Briar 114 KS - I'm sure my "newest" pipe, circa 35 y/o. They are in decent condition and by the time the tobacco arrives, they will be in smokable condition.

    I'm looking forward to giving the pipe another try as a nice alternative to my occasional (that's what I tell my Dr.) cigar.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Welcome back to the fold! I suspect all your smoking skills will come back to you. Too bad you didn’t squirrel away some tobacco thirty years ago :).
  3. Isn't that the truth!
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    Need more pipe pictures in this thread...

    Welcome back!!!
  5. Here you go.

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  6. Nice! Welcome back!
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    If you haven't done it yet, get your Brown Leaf badge (no longer visible in posts). This will allow you access to the Stock Exchange, where trading and PIFing of tobacco can occur. Click on the contribute tab at top of the page. It costs $1 and is good forever.
  8. Done. This should be fun!
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    Nice looking smokers! Thanks for sharing :)
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  11. meerschaum.jpg My son did in fact have my meerschaum. He said his dog had been trying to smoke it, as an explanation for the chewed up stem. Given the size of his dog I was fortunate the damage wasn’t worse. I sourced a replacement stem from and installed it today. The old stem was a screw in variety and I had to drill out the mortise to fit the “push-pull” fitting on the new stem. I figured if I messed it up, it was a lost cause anyway. Amazingly, it turned out just fine. Smoking my first bowl with the new stem was like meeting up with a long lost friend!
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    Outstanding. Welcome back. It is great to have you with us. So, what memories have been triggered by returning to the pipe?
  13. My earlier pipe smoking days centered around my work at a nat. gas processing plant. We had to smoke outside the plant fence and more than a few hours were spent smoking in the plant pickup on midnight shifts. Good smoking and good conversation. That was a long time ago!

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