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Back to B&B after a few years of silence... Trying my first SE razor ATT SE1

Hey all,

I learned ALOT from B&B about 6-7 yrs ago when I first began shaving with a blade again (after 30 yrs with an electric). I experimented with some DE razor and found I really enjoyed the soap, brush and DE razor routine. It made what had been a drudgery fun again. I settled on a couple of favorites mainly my ATT H1 Kronos which I've used 90% of the past 6 or so years. I have a '55 SuperSpeed and a '53 President that I enjoy also. I fell out of the habit of visiting here at B&B daily like I had been for awhile. I carried on with life and enjoyed my H1 blissfully day after day and the years passed by...

Suddenly I've become interested in trying an SE razor. I ordered the ATT SE1 base/cap to go with a spare Atlas handle I have here. I'll receive them this week hopefully if the covid mess hasn't slowed ATT's shipping department down too much.

What tips can you all give me as far as blades with this razor? Where are the best sources to buy the AC style SE blades? The blades are wider from what I've read and learned so far. Some say they last longer (more shaves per blade generally?).

Thanks to all in advance!

PS: Oops, I just realized I posted this in the DE razor page rather than the SE razor page... If the Moderators would like to move it to the proper place that's great, sorry about that... As soon as I hit Send I realized it!


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Welcome back! Schick Proline P-series are the most popular blade for that razor on B&B, but everyone’s technique, whiskers, and face are different.
Since you are just starting out with the SE 1, I would try a Kai ProTouch MG blade first, then move up to a regular blade. I got into SE AC blade razors a little over a year ago and found using a guarded blade first gave me a chance to get the angle, etc down before I had a blood bath. Just my opinion. The SE 1 is an excellent razor.
I got the email that my SE1 shipped this morning... ATT even noticed that I'd made a second order right after that first one (i'd forgotten to order blades for it!). I'd meant to call them this morning and ask them to combine the items to save on shipping but they spotted it themselves and sent me a note saying they refunded the shipping on that other item and they both came together... Is that awesome or what? I was quite impressed.

I can't wait to receive the SE1 and try it out. I'm guessing by the end of the week? Will advise when it gets here.
I'm sure you'll get some really good shaves out of the SE1. It's been rather overshadowed by other AC razors like the Colonial General and Blackland Vector, but in fact I've found it to be a very good performer. I find it a bit more aggressive than the two I mentioned, but you might prefer that, or you could try the Kai Pink blade which I think works very well with it.
I've been using the SE1 exclusively for around 8wks. I've had good luck with any blade I put in it, depending on days of growth. Only one bad shave with a Kai Protouch MG on 5th use and 3 days of growth. I am only able to get 3 uses max with only a few different blades with DE platform, usually tossing after 2 uses. 5 uses with the MG and heavy growth was a rough, irritating shave. For daily, or every other day, the MG is perfect. I haven't pushed any AC blade beyond 5 yet.

Feather Pro, Super, Kai Protouch MG, Mild, or Schick Proline have all worked really well. Depending on growth, I prefer some blades more than others.

Respect the weight of the SE1 head. I use mine with an ATT Atlas handle. A short handle looks odd partnered with the wider AC style head, but fits perfectly in my hand, allowing my pinky finger to carry the weight of the razor, resting under the end of the handle.
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Well the SE1 arrived today, so will shave with it in the morning tomorrow! :thumbsup:

What a beautiful finish, very classy as usual for Above the Tie! I've got my Atlas handle and a Feather blade in it...
Hope your experience is pleasant. All this talk had me pull my SE 1 back out today and shave with it. Very good BBS 2 1/2 pass shave. Used a Feather ProGuard blade. I normally use the Colonial General SS V2 or a OneBlade Hybrid. I have dabbled with the Classic Occam's OREN. My SE of choice is the General, but before getting it I shaved daily with the ATT SE 1. I find the General just a tad milder and lighter in weight. IMO I would rank the four I use as follows: General, OneBlade Hybrid, ATT SE1 then the Occam's OREN, but that's just my $.02 worth your experience may differ.
The first shave with the Atlas / SE1 this morning was great. A single pass with the Feather Pro blade and a CCS easily accomplished. I'm a single pass guy, I keep it simple. This razor is beautiful!

The SE1 is a very efficient razor with a Feather Pro and a comfortable pairing. You could get a closer shave with the Pro Super, if you want, but with the usual caveats of greater blade exposure.
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