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Back Roads Gold Review

I first off wanted to say that the resources and recommendations here are great and that I appreciate the input I have received on getting replating done. I decided to go with Chris at BRG as the title states. I sent him my razors on the 28th of August and just received in the mail today the 7th of Sept. Awesome turn around time imo. Chris was very prompt in answering any questions I had and gave his personal input on what direction I should go in regards to plating. His services are also very affordable, my pocket book is happy and the war department didn't even notice the bill. Lol The gentleman even threw in some razor blades and a puck of soap (williams) along with a nice little pouch for each razor. The packing quality was also very good. No way no how were my razors getting damaged in transit, even if Ace Ventura dropped them off himself.The quality of work Chris produces is top notch and I couldn't be happier! The plating is solid from all angles inside and out. I chose silver for the Richwood, wanted to keep origional and 24k Gold for the Bulldog because why not?! The Bulldog was badly worn as you can see and the Richwood had an incident with a green scrubby pad and in turn was scratched to ****. Needless to say I do highly recommend Chris over at Back Roads Gold for getting your razors replated/tuned up. In fact you would be doing yourselves a disservice if you don't. Thank you for taking the time to read and to all who gave me input. Happy shaving IMG_20210902_120910-1.jpg 20210907_165845.jpg 20210907_165619.jpg IMG_20210902_114449-2.jpg 20210902_175131.jpg 20210902_175105.jpg 20210828_134547.jpg
I've had four razors replated by Chris, one required some repair work and he was very apt. My precious birth year/quarter Slim was replated in shiny nickel, then a late 40's American Aristocrat, a Sheraton and a personalized post-war Tech all in gold. All are now prized heirlooms which will be handed down to my grandson.
Chris over at BRG worked on my Ugly Duckling Gillette Popular not long ago. The razor certainly seen better days. When I got it, it had a dropped knob, bent teeth at the ends, lazy doors, and looked like someone took a set of pliers to damage the barber pole handle.


Chris just said it wasn't a problem and didn't even charge me for the repairs. Two weeks later, I got this back:


The only thing that wasn't fixed was the lazy doors, but it was a good thing because in between that time, a couple of folks told me that the lazy doors came standard with the Popular.

Folks thinking of quality replating and minor repair that is reasonable and fast turn around should contact BRG.
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