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Back on B&B after several years away. What's new?

Hi all,

I was active here several years ago but got away from wetshaving and collecting razors, so I just gradually stopped posting here. I sold my entire razor collection for a few grand and didn't look back.

BUT! I've since picked up a few new interests and if I remember correctly, those hobbies are represented here as well... so I thought I'd log back in and say hi. I don't imagine anyone remembers me. But on to the point of this thread - what's new around here that I may not know about after being gone for around six years? Any cool new boards or functions or anything?
I remember you! I just came back Recently too after a couple years off. Most remains the same except for the explosion in “artisan” h/w and s/w.

The Knize

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Your name looks familiar to me. It is hard for me to remember what has changed in six years.

I suspect most hobbies are represented on B&B somewhere. My impression is actually that there are fewer artisans around, but that my be just because I have changed the subfora I spend time on over the years. My impression is that other shaving fora from six years ago have disappeared. I do not know whether others have sprung up or not.

You managed to sell your razor collection for several large? I am impressed. I have really tried not to "collect" things as I figure when I am gone my wife and kids will cart it all off the land fill, no matter what it is theoretically worth.

Welcome back.


Here I am, 1st again.
What’s new? There are razors which are non-Gillette. They are new to me. The new guys here pay a lot of money to get a DE razor.
Oh, man, you’re not gonna believe it! There was a worldwide pandemic and we all got quarantined, then the murder hornets came, then there were all the protests and riots...
In the past few years, there have been many new toys available for purchase, and our pockets have fallen.
welcome back, I’m in a rather similar boat. I’ve shaved off my beard an back to everyday shaving, back to b&b also. Ive noticed quite a few more artisan razor designers, when I left a few years ago, hand turned handles were beginning, bobs razor works and raphael’s UFO handles. Now there are heaps of new fancy razors out there, although rather expensive. Also SE’s are being made again and seem to be gaining in popularity. The artisan soap thing has rather exploded. A few years ago there was mikes natural soaps, mdc had just begun being whispered about. Whereas now, it’s harder to chose from too much choice, the market is a bit cluttered. But it’s a great time to be shaving again, I think there is now more choice than any point in history, hopefully making the dream shave more of a reality.

Hannah's Dad

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Welcome back. If you spend a little time in DE Razors and Shaving Soaps, you might see just how much has changed.
Thanks for the welcome, everyone. I definitely recognize a few names who posted here, so it's good to "see some familiar faces."

These days I'm probably going to hang around the boards that discuss EDC (mainly pens and knives), boots, and guns. Those seem to be the things that I sink my time and expendable income into of late.

And yeah, I've definitely noticed the explosion in modern razor manufacturers. It's crazy how many options are out there nowadays. My entire collection was vintage Gillette, Darwin (a cased and minty Deluxe which I sold for $1,200), Hoffritz, etc. The only modern razors I owned were the Muhle R89 and the Feather AS-D1!
- what's new around here that I may not know about after being gone for around six years?
Ah, here is another who is unaware of the Initiation Fee to be paid to all active members. It is just easiest if you sign the check and we all fill in the amount. :biggrin1:

Hey, welcome back. It is the same place, thanks to what is probably a lot of behind the scenes work by the moderators.

The Knize

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After you reacclimate here, you will be in a better position to tell us what has changed!

I do think some of the bargains in vintage hardware have gone. Why we would need a whole lot of new shaving soaps, I will never know, but I will take others word for that. Scents have gotten more diverse, but I would say over all have lost quality due to European restrictions on ingredients. I have all the pens and knives I will ever need.

There may have been a rise of SEs, but that may be more me personally!
Welcome back! I've been back for several months after a layoff of a few years. Seems like there are a lot more artisan soap makers with different "bases" (but many of the "old" artisans are still around). Many, many more modern DE razors being made, and sold for ridiculous amounts. Of course, the usual arguments - soap v. cream, mild v. aggressive, closed comb v. open comb, etc. are still happening.
Welcome back! I l, too, have recently returned from an extended break from B&B. The biggest changes I have noticed are the ones previously mentioned. The only thing I have noticed is there are a lot more brushes to choose from. Aside from that, I would echo a lot that has been posted already.
Welcome Back. I see that I have not posted for about 9.5 years myself and usually don't even log in. I am not real gabby. I had a beard for quite a number of years but I have been wet shaving alomost daily for the last few years and use mostly vintage razors.