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Back in stock, for now...


Here is a picture of some of the Razor Caddys from the second production run. The first run was a hit with customers and sold out pronto. Actually the wives / girlfriends loved the look of them too. We solicited input from these customers and tweaked one aspect just a bit for this second run. It was the depth of the notches that the razor is inserted into, they are just a bit deeper on this run. In this picture these still need to have the black cushioning installed that the underside of the razor rests on.

For more info and pics: All Products — Captain's Choice - https://www.captainschoicestore.com/all

A few quotes from satisfied customers:

It holds DE razors perfect, don’t change a thing. Very nice! ~ Bill E.

I absolutely love the razor caddy. This is the 1st item that my wife actually lets me leave on the bathroom counter. She is very impressed with its looks. ~ Scott K.

The Caddy is great. I like how you can use the center to put more stuff in it. ~ Jason D.

The Razor Caddy ended up making some room on the shelf where I keep my shaving gear. Even my wife liked it and thought it made the bathroom shelf look better. I will definitely be using it for the razors that I have, as I use all of them in a rotation. It’s an attractive item for sure! ~ Jack C.
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