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Back at it.

Who has gone through their whole shave routine (whatever that is for you) and were satisfied with the results. Then do it all over again a half hour (or so) later because it just didn't look and/or feel right?
I ended up going back and re shaving my neck. It just wasn't as good as I thought at first. That said, I find that area difficult to shave. So far, the elusive bbs neck shave has been just that, elusive. I certainly get an acceptable shave, but just once I'd like to run my fingers on my neck (against the grain) and not feel stubble:angry:. So, I tried again, got closer but not perfect:001_unsur.
I'll chalk a lot of this up to inexperience (with DE shaving), and continue to practice. But I wonder if anyone else has had a 're-do' as I did.
I haven't restarted the routine, but my neck is also a problem area. I can only handle two passes (WTG then ATG), and unless I'm very careful I'll get a little irritation. I would need a third pass XTG to get it perfect. I frequently nick my Adam's apple, as well.
I'm not sure my face could survive without a breather in between. I've done the "afternoon" re-fresh shave if I did a very poor job in the morning and have time in the afternoon (lazy sundays) but I usually accept the morning's shave regardless of quality and move on (by noonish: my 5-o'clock shadow is in). I'll endeavour to catch those spots the following day.

My grandfather used to say the difference between a bad haircut and a haircut was about a week. For shaves with me: it's about 6 hours.
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