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Back after a self-imposed "restraint"

Its been a while since I had gotten anything shaving related. In part because I have been trying to cut down on spending, in part because I have narrowed down to a few razors and brushes that honestly meet my needs. But yesterday being my birthday my wife and kids spoiled me with a new razor (Muhle R89 with the rose gold barley handle) and a bottle of Spicebomb cologne.

The razor is essentially a prettier version of my EJ DE89L. I love the EJ so getting a second one in fancier packaging is all good. I'd be tempted to swap out the handle for a Weber/Icon type handle but my daughter was so proud of her selection I best resist the upgrade.

The cologne is a bit "pretty" smelling for me... I suspect my wife will use it more than me. I favor tobacco and leather influences and while the reviews mention those as basenotes (and it appears the helpful lady at Sephora advised my wide and daughter that was the one that had these), I really don't get it over the sweeter spices and vanilla that I pick up from SB. Still, it makes me happy that they like it so much, so i will use it on occasion on date nights and special occasions.

It feels good to be so spoiled... and to be back here after my brief exile.
Sounds like a great present to be spoiled with. The R89 rosegold is a beautiful razor!

Welcome back!
Thanks. Just used the new R89. First off I was impressed by the build quality. I know the history (EJ and Muhle collaborated on head design but manufactured separately). As nicely made as the EJ is, the Muhle feels heavier and the fit of the two head pieces seems more precise. Was tempted to try a Feather in it but even though it was so close to my EJ I decided to use a Rapira instead. Three passes later and BBS was the result. No nicks or bleeders, no irritation.

My oldest daughter also gave me a block of alum which I had no experience with (use styptic pencils). Cold water and rubbed all over. Nice cold slick feel. A splash of Brut AS and a single spray of the new Spicebomb and ready to break a few hearts. :laugh:
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