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B&M store in Beaverton Oregon

I think this is the right area for this question...
Anybody know if a shaving store our barber shop that stocks wetshaving supplies in the Beaverton/Portland area?
All I know of is Art of Shaving in Washington Square Mall. I buy AoS brand Ocean Kelp shaving cream there. Love the stuff.
I went to a grocery store called Lamb's Market Thriftway today and they have 4 different kinds of Witch Hazel, including Thayers. They carry Williams Shave Soap pucks. And next to the all natural deodorants, they have this stuff called Naturally Fresh Crystal Deodorant, which is just an Alum block on a twist up, the same stuff that RazoRock sells in the twist up form.
Fred Meyers sells the Van Der Hagen shave kits, also.

That's all I've found so far, but knowing Portland, lots more traditional wet shaving stuff should be showing up soon.
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