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B&M Petrichor shaving soap

I tried this soap this morning and I must be doing something wrong. I could not dial in the water to soap ratio. Once I got a usable lather, I got a good shave. I like the fragrance of this after the shave. It is a fresh scent like that of walking in the wooded area like it's still wet or moist. I would use this again especially in this hot weather. Temperatures are in the mid to upper 90's here in Baltimore.
I like B&M soaps. They need a bunch of water, added in a bit at a time (at least that's how I find it to work best with my water). The reward is great, slick, lather. The scents I've tried all linger a bit after I've rinsed off, which is pretty unusual for soaps I've used.

Haven't tried Petrichor yet, but it's on The List.
I use this soap when it rains since the scent is of wet dirt and foliage. I find it needs plenty of water, but I never have issues getting it to lather. I'm still not sold on the scent, but I will say that the B&M description is spot on. It does provide nice slip and cushion.
Hi Doc!
That's a scent I seriously considered. I think I'd like it. I currently have First Snow which I like quite a bit. Leviathan didn't do it for me... Performance is excellent. I like most of my lathers on the wet side - soft peaks that fall over.
I can't say I miss Baltimore heat and humidity! It's been hot here in Colorado, but without the humidity it's a little bit easier to take. :)
Sometimes I add more water and get a soupy, goopy, gloppy mess. It's difficult for me to get the right ratio with this soap. I'm working with a sample so I'm not lathering from a tub or jar.
I've always had good luck with B&M soaps using this method.

Soaking the brush while I shower. After the shower, grab the brush from the soaking basin, hold it under the hot running while I fill the sink, then straight to the tub without shaking water off. Load well, then apply to face, swirling on cheeks and neck to basically unload some of that soap. Then, a quick and light dip back into the hot water, and back to the face for a minute or two of swirling. I always end up with thick, rich and protective lather.

BTW ... I love Petrichor, and tend to use it when it rains as well. Wish the A/S had better staying power. I'll heartily recommend Le Grande Chypre too ... used it today ... the scent is just outstanding
I just got the B&M Petrichor aftershave in the mail and I find this scent out of this world! I can't stop smelling my hand to take it in. It literally smells like humid soil on the forest floor after a rain (in the NE US to be exact, according to the maker). There is oakmoss and a fair hint of decaying matter, but with a delectably sweet finish. It may not be for everyone, but for me (and plenty of others based on the reviews I've seen), it is extraordinary! Will at Barrister & Mann is like a mad scientist who seems to produce one hit after another. I already can't wait to try the Seville.

Tomorrow I'm going to shave with the Cavendish (pipe tobacco) shaving soap by Phoenix Artisans and finish with a Petrichor splash :)
I had my first shave with Petrichor yesterday, folliwedmby the splash. Performance was awesome! Scent for me is meh and unfortunately my wife hates it. Sigh.
One of my favorite fragrances from B&M, and the Excelsior base is awesome. Water can make a difference - quantity and hardness. I use soft water and never have a problem lathering any soap, but B&M can be thirsty. When in doubt add more water first, then more product if you don't get results. If you haven't tested the hardness of your water, you might want to - most of the lathering problems I read here are a direct result of using hard water - some I suspect very hard. You'll have an idea then how to proceed. As a point of reference, Baltimore municipal water has an average hardness of over 180 ppm, considered very hard. Any soap is more difficult to lather in hard water relative to lathering in soft water. Solutions are using a water softener, using distilled water, using glycerine or canned shaving cream to create an "uber lather," or spend a lot of time dialing in water/soap ratios. Good luck!