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B&M Leviathan splash: did I get a bad bottle?

I have a puck of Barrister & Mann's Leviathan soap. It's clearly an older formulation, when they were still using clear tubs without their unified dark, modern branding. The scent is mild and unassuming.

So I picked up a bottle of Barrister & Mann Leviathan splash off of /r/shave_bazaar, thinking I would get a similar scent. Holy hell was I wrong. It's like the peat-y-est, Scotch-y-est Lagavulin-and-old-shoe-on-fire-y-est scent I've ever smelled. I thought, "hey, maybe it smells different on the skin than it does in the bottle", so I went to town dowsing it all over my head.

I was very, very wrong—retchingly wrong. This is the first splash I've ever had to wash off for fear of throwing up. For what it's worth, what I can see of the liquid in the bottle has quite the oily/bubbly look to it, and doesn't completely mix. I love darker, "dirtier" scents (B&M's Beaudelaire is in my top 3 splashes!), but this was far, far beyond anything I could handle.

I've read reviews online of folks that love it, so I'm thinking I got a bad batch? Has anyone had experience with this splash?
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