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B&M Lavanille lather problems

This seems to be a problem most people have discussed in forums, but I haven't found an answer other than 'add water'.

I've now used a Plissoft Monster and a Semogue 620, but have gotten nothing better than a watery chocolate milkshake from them. Semogues are famous for coaxing lathers out of even the hardest soaps, so I was surprised at the way the brush struggled to whip up a lather. The lather with the Plissoft Monster was so bad I had to chuck it and finish the last pass with an Arko. And that cinnamon-urinal puck scent stayed on my face half the day!

I exclusively face lather and I'm going to give it an couple of more shots with a Plissoft 400 and a bigger boar brush.

If I still get a bloody and uncomfortable shave due to a watery lather, maybe its time to give up on this soap. In the meantime, I'd appreciate any help from someone who owns this soap and has gotten good lather from it.
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