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B&M Delivery

Ordered the 'Tuesday' soap and aftershave before it is no longer made. Added the Lavender aftershave since lavender is my favorite scent. Kind folks at B&M tossed in a few samples as well.

The lavender aftershave is very light. I used RR Essential Lavender soap today and followed with the B&M aftershave. Light scent for sure, but very nice.

Tomorrow I'll try the Tuesday set. Initial thought just smelling the tub - definitely more violet than lavender.

Lavender is quickly becoming my favorite scent as well. I recently picked up the B&M Lime/Lavender/Cedarwood shaving soap and aftershave set from the BST. I’m not sure if it is still in production, but wow it is amazing stuff!

Let us know how you like Tuesday, I’ve been conflicted about picking it up.


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