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B&B's Bespoke Ink Buy #2- Ink for Pink!

Think Ink For Pink!
*****Part II*****Well you asked for it... and as always, B&B accommodates!

No, it's not Jim in a Santa Suit or Ouch snorkling in some of the fountains in NYC looking for spare change!

We are pleased to announce the long anticipated Second B&B Ink!


The Ink is called Benevolent Badger Blue. BBB is a very deeply pigmented blue/black. This ink is entirely appropriate for business, yet has personality to it. The ink is formulated by our friends at Noodlers'
exclusively for B&B. It is bullet proof and 99.9% waterproof, It comes in 3 oz bottles.

Here is what a one of our testers said about Benevolent Badger Blue:

"I've now used this ink to take notes in a graduate class, and at work. This is an ink, typical of Noodler's, that is a pleasure to write with. It flows smoothly and lays down a very nice line. One of the fascinating things about it is how the color appears to change from wet to dry."
"It starts out as a very dark blue, and then settles in to a dark blue with hints of grey. If you're familiar with Noodler's colors I would describe it as a "Polar Blue" with the blue content increased, or as an "Ellis Island Blue" that instead of tending to be on the Blue-Green, is much more on the Blue-Grey side. It is darker, deeper, and more complex than the images make it out to be. I'd almost call it a Slushy Blue.""The ink dries quickly, flows well, and the color can be used for any occasion. It is fine for note taking in class, for signing documents at work, or for just having fun and writing in personal journal - or even crafting a short alternate history story.If you loved 5 O'Clock Shadow, you might just love this a little more."

Scans of the ink
and a durability test (30 minutes)

Now we at B&B could just distribute this ink and we could all enjoy it, accept the many compliments it will no doubt engender, but hey, that's not how we roll here at the B&B...

That's right Badgers. When you think Ink. Think Pink.​

So, for every bottle sold of this phenomenal ink, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We here at B&B continue our commitment to help find a cure for breast cancer in memory of one of our own, Sue Moore.So don't miss out on a chance to let your Benevolent Badger Blue help the Susan G. Komen Foundation find the cure. And that's how we roll.

A special thanks to our in house Artist, Ouchette, our own Ouch's 14 year old daughter who created the artwork for the label.

How do I get this ink? This ink is available NOW through our friends at West Coast Shaving. The cost is 12.50 per bottle.

Purchase it HERE.

West Coast Shaving is not profiting from this item. The cost of the ink and packaging will be deducted from the selling price with the balance going to support our ongoing efforts to support the "Sue Moore memorial " at Susan G. Komen for the Cure.Best to order now, before Santa gets there and loads up his sleigh!
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I just ordered mine!

Thanks guys, I've been looking for a new modern ink with a vintagey feel. (I love vintage blue-blacks.)
Order placed, thanks for lining up another great ink!

I may have also tripped and knocked a few creams into my cart before checkout as well... Oops
We had a lot of fun testing this ink- try it on a yellow legal pad -it's bright blue. The ink is very Sybil like with different pens.
Ordered a bottle... don't really write much but am a big fan of fountain pens and only have a black ink now, so it's a welcome addition. Especially since I just bought a couple of new pens with a fine nib, and now I'll have a special ink for them when they get here.
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