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B&B/TESC and SCS questions

I'm pretty sure these questions have been asked directly to the vendors themselves so rather than pile on....

The B&B brush is $110 which includes shipping. I was planning on also ordering the two Edwin Jagger creams and maybe a couple others and was wondering how this would complicate the brush deal. Anyone done this and had any issues that had to be worked out via email?

The SCS question is about the whipped buttercream. I was sorting out my buy sheet for the upcoming B&B special and noticed that the buttercream is no longer shown on the 'products' page. Anyone know anything about this? If not hopefully Sue can clue me in.


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You can add any items from the TESC website. Shipping will only be charged for the additional items

The whipped buttercream was discontinued.
Thanks, John.

Too bad about the SCS cream. Guess it serves me right for holding off on the order. The one time I show a little restraint....
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