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B&B Signature cologne from QED

I'm in the market for some new juice and after reading reviews on here, it seems as though the B&B cologne released a couple of times from Charles was top notch. Problem is, it isn't for sale at present.

I contacted Charles and he said if the forum wants it, he'd deliver! :biggrin1:

Who is interested? (check the review section for info on the product. As for price; I never acquired any the first time around and really have no clue, but I'm assuming it'd be reasonable.)
Thank you, Gruder.

However, I am not proposing a group buy.

I sent Charles an email asking if he is going to offer the scent again. He said "not unless the forum requests it..."

I opened this thread to gauge interest in the product. After a few days I planned on sending Charles a link to the thread and let him determine if it would be beneficial to produce the scent.

If you'd prefer, I can request mod approval to turn this into a group buy, even though I really do not want any part in the product / cash exchange for any members other than myself. Please advise.
For clarification, threads seeking to assess interest in a possible Group Buy are fine, but should be posted in consultation with the Mods so as to avoid possible miscommunications which will ultimately result in misunderstandings. Nevertheless, a member should not contact a vendor as a representative of B&B to discuss a "B&B" group buy without prior approval from B&B.

This cologne is specific to B&B, and as such has always been a group buy in the past. Per forum guidelines, yes, someone willing to spearhead such a buy would need to contact a mod before this could move forward here. Thanks!
Well, although this may have not been handle properly, we have found there is an interest. Let's write it off to you didn't understand the B&B policy regarding this and move forward. Lesson learned but understandably, these rule must be followed and enforced. If you really want this, I would contact a Mod and ask for permission and find out the order of procedures to make it happen.

Price dependent, I would be interested. More interested with some sort of scent description.
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