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B & B Search Engine Issues ;-)

Mods, Admin, et.al:
Is it just me (head space & timing), or it seems the the 'search' button bring-ups little or zero results under my username (even after the 4 forum search was used too)?

B & B's search 'storage' limited?

However, google search was more 'user-friendly' especially if one wanted to 'go wayyy back' and retrieve a past post (wink).

"The Internet has always been, and always will be...a magic box". Marc Andreessen
I just put your name in and got 22 pages of hits. But then thought to put my name in and got 11 pages so 22 isn’t maybe a lot. I’ve been here less than a year
22 pages for me too.


When you start typing your name in, type the following:

The (leave a space) C (and await what prepopulates. Then click your name. Then hit search.
Earliest I can go back searching my posts is mid 2019 (25 pages).

Google site search is what I use to way back.