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B&B Scavenger Hunt PIF Announcement - International Member Friendly!

First of all, I’d like to thank the B&B community for providing me so much information and camaraderie during the length of my membership and the start of my wetshaving journey.

Secondly, this PIF would not have been possible had it not been for generosity and kindness of members here. Items that I have received from other members are duly noted. If you’re interested in learning more about where that item came from, click on the embedded link.

This PIF is to celebrate two things:

  1. My new appointment as the Safety Razor Forum Steward
  2. My one-year anniversary here at Badger and Blade
There have been a lot of PIFs since I’ve joined B&B in May. Some of them have been very creative and I’ve found those to be the most fun. So as I’m nearing my one-year anniversary, I’m planning a PIF and I’m going to do something that I have not seen before.

Everyone is eligible to play but not everyone is eligible to win. There are no geographical, number of posts, or registration date restrictions to play.

This PIF is a race. The person who private messages me the correct answer first will finish in first place. I liked PIFs where there were multiple winners. There were also PIFs in the past where I didn’t want everything offered and would have liked to give the second place finisher some prizes. So my PIF has these options.

I see a lot of sales on the BST that are restricted to CONUS only and I'm guilty of that myself so this PIF is geared towards international members.

Here are the rules.
Rule #1: Post in this thread that you’ll be playing in three weeks. This will give me and others an idea about how many people will be participating.

Rule #2: Put your location in your profile so I know which prizes you're eligible to win. It doesn’t have to be specific, just the country is fine.

Rule #3: If you take something and later find that item is not being used or you don’t like it, PIF it to someone else.
Here are the prizes. If there are a lot of people who respond, and I hope there will be, I'll increase the number of gift cards offered.
  1. One $25 gift card from any B&B contributing vendor to the first Canadian member who guesses correctly
  2. Two $25 gift cards from any B&B contributing vendor to the first two members from Australia who guess correctly
  3. Two $25 gift cards from any B&B contributing vendor to the first two international members who guess correctly. Canadian and Australian members are also eligible for these. So if the first four correct respondents are from Australia, then there will be four $25 gift certificates going to Australia!
The following prizes are prizes are available to USPS domestic shipping area members only. Shipping is on me!

What if you win and already have a Gillette Slim? Just let me know and I'll offer it to the second-place finisher. The same goes with every other item on here.

  1. Art of Shaving Pure Badger Brush
    This brush was purchased from Cains Boy. The knot diameter is ~19.70 mm, the loft height is ~50.47 mm, and the handle height is ~51.98 mm. The tips on this brush look like they have been cut but that may just be the way the brush is made. I think I used this brush twice after purchasing it. I’ve got more better brushes so this one isn’t getting any use. This would make a good starter brush for someone.

  2. Gillette Slim, 1964 (J-3)
    I cleaned and polished this Gillette Slim as best I could but it still isn’t in very good condition. It works wonderfully mechanically though after I used WD-40 to loosen the TTO knob which was stuck. The doors open and close as they should, the adjustment mechanism works, and the last quarter turn is smooth.

  3. Gillette Super Speed, 1948-1949
    With screw given by amishmotorboat

  4. Gillette Tech, Gold, Fat-Handled with Case

  5. Muhle R89 baseplate given by Chris from Shaving.ie/TraditionShaving.com

  6. A Once-Used Tub of Vulfix Lavender Shaving Cream

  7. A Slightly-Used Tub of RazoRock Artisan Caprician Lemon Soap

  8. New Trumper's Coconut Soap Puck

  9. Taylor of Old Bond Street Lemon & Lime Shaving Cream
    Given by Vintage Blades LLC. The half-full tub of TOBS Lemon & Lime shaving cream has never been used. I ordered a tub from Vintage Blades and the lid was cracked. I emailed Jim to ask for a new lid but he mailed me out another brand new tub and told me to keep the old one. I put some plastic wrap over the old tub and sealed it as best I could.

  10. Derby Blades - 101
    Given by Meunke, Mike’sWorld, and Eaglestroker

  11. 10 Feather blades, 5 Personna Medical Preps, and 5 Personna Labs
    Donated by Greybeard since he helped me find the thread I was looking for but, unfortunately, only uses straight razors so I’m donating them in his name.

  12. Used Art of Shaving Lemon Pre-Shave Oil

  13. Used Ultimate Shave Pre-Shave Oil
    Given by BobS

  14. Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Pre-Shave Oil Sample

  15. New Aqua Velva Ice Blue Aftershave in Glass Bottle
    Thanks to SeattleSparky and man00ver for the notifications.

  16. New Aqua Velva Musk Aftershave in Glass Bottle
    Thanks to Chadtheguru for the posting about it.

  17. Art of Shaving Lemon Aftershave Balm

  18. Used Taylor of Old Bond Street Bay Rum Aftershave
    Given by BobS

  19. Truefitt & Hill Aftershave Balm Samples
    • 1805
    • Grafton
    • Sandalwood
    • Trafalgar
    • Ultimate Comfort

  20. Captain's Choice Bay Rum Sample

  21. Old Fashioned Scuttle

  22. Ceramic Barber Pole Blade Bank

  23. Vintage Colgate Shaving Stick Tins x 3

  24. Mitchell’s Wool Fat Ceramic Lid
    Purchased from BobS

  25. Used Neutrogena Razor Defense Men Face Scrub

  26. Used Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash 60 Second Mask Scrub

  27. New Cremo Face Wash

  28. New Cremo Face Moisturizer

  29. Used Hilfiger Athletics Cologne

  30. Used Nautica Latitude Longitude Cologne and Aftershave Comfort Gel

  31. Used Nautica Competition Cologne

  32. Menscience Daily Shampoo Sample

  33. Menscience Daily Face Wash Sample

  34. Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion Sample

  35. Dermalogica Active Moist Lotion Sample

  36. Bvlgari pour Homme Aftershave Balm Sample x 2

  37. Avaha Soothing Aftershave Moisturizer Sample

  38. Goldwell Dual Senses Hair & Body Shampoo for Men Sample

  39. Gentlemen’s Tonic Traditional Shave Cream Babassu and Bergamot Sample

  40. Billy Jealousy White Knight Gentle Daily Facial Cleanser Sample
This PIF will start in three weeks on Saturday, May 5 at 1200 +/- 2 minutes Eastern Daylight Savings Time (GMT - 0400). I hope that a lot of people will participate. Mark your calendars! Remember that this is a race.

You are welcome to play even if you don’t want any of the prizes. I’ll leave the contest up for a week or so.
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I have no idea of where this is heading and to be honest, I am not in need of things at this moment. But you surely caught my attention and I will play 3 weeks from now so count me in! Location; the Netherlands.
Lovely idea..I have enough gear..so plz count ne out

I have no idea of where this is heading and to be honest, I am not in need of things at this moment. But you surely caught my attention and I will play 3 weeks from now so count me in! Location; the Netherlands.

Even if you don't want any of the prizes, please feel free to play! No one knows what the clues or answers are yet, not even the moderators so it's a level playing field.
Great idea James, and what an awesome load of prizes! Sounds like fun - I'll play. (No prizes for me though, thanks. I'm trying to go in the other direction.)


I wanna be sedated!
If anyone needs any inside information, all I can say is...........

git yer bribes out

Who let you in here? This is the safety razor forum!!

Great PIF James, I can't wait to see where this is going.
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