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B&B ReviewApolooza.....

Alright fellas.... so here's the deal. I love reviews... I love making them, reading them and talking about them - so as a "thank you" to all you members reviewing, taking pictures, pouring out your opinions, comments, spending the time and money on the products you review, and just being overall gentlemen, helping steer our members in the right direction comes... the ReviewApoloza.

Bottom line.... starting RIGHT when I create this post any NEW review you create can be submitted/entered into the contest. All you do is create a review(s), post a link(s) to the review(s) in this thread by October the 11th and bam - you are in. Next - the members will vote on who has the best review(s) out of the ones submitted. Notice the (s)? Let's say for example I were to create 6 reviews within the next 30 days, and submitted all of them into the competition. EACH vote I got for EACH of the 6 reviews would be a vote in my bank, so the more reviews, the greater the chance of winning/getting more votes.

The prizes.....

On behalf of Castle Forbes, the top voted reviewer will get their choice of either a lavender Castle Forbes shave set or the limes Castle Forbes shave set (complete with their new pre-shave, tub of shaving cream, and aftershaving balm). The second highest voted reviewer will get the remaining CF set! These MSRP for WELL over $100 per set.

The Rules...
Each member will have the ability to vote only once. Members may submit as many LEGITIMATE reviews as they would like within the 30 day period. The winning members are politely asked to review the prizes once they have had ample time to use/test them. Nick and myself are not eligable.... we are the only 2 not eligable..... so EVERYONE else (mods included) have at it!! :thumbup1: :thumbup1:
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I will be reviewing anything and everything. I will start with the new box of paperclips bought at Office Depot. :biggrin:
letterk said:
You had to do this right after I posted my EJ review, didn't you?

Looks like you'll just have to buy another brush and review it :biggrin: You've been wanting a PJ2 right? :tongue:
This is really a quality community we have here. It is stuff like this that makes it great. Not only do the top reviewers get rewarded but the community gets rewarded with their reviews. Its a win win situation
Austin said:
I will be reviewing anything and everything. I will start with the new box of paperclips bought at Office Depot. :biggrin:

LOL!! The bevy of reviews that could be submitted....

Toilet paper
No spill coffee lids
Domestic and foreign policies

The possibilities are endless
joel said:
Looks like you'll just have to buy another brush and review it :biggrin: You've been wanting a PJ2 right? :tongue:

How about I just copy and paste it for the Edwin Jagger Large Silvertip Review!

Very thorough post, but just some clairifcation, this is for reviews. If you copy your post into the Merkur Vision review in the review section, and then link to that, you should be good to go. :thumbup1:

Well - I've got myself one of these CF sets.... a lime one... and I used it for my b-day shave today.... and let me say.... I cannot remember a finer shave. Without question, hands down, the CF pre-shave is the BEST and most effective/efficacious pre-shave I have tried... bar none. Just to give you some of my "pre-shave" credentials... I have tried literally 50 pre-shaves, all of which (save for musgo real pre-shave gel which is no longer made) I have found to be TOTALLY worthless.... well NOT so with this CF pre-shave. Although it smells like Rosie O'donells armpit after a 5-mile waddle, my god does it work. Not only does it ACTUALLY swell/raise the hair off of your face to allow you to cut MIGHTY close, but it also provides additional slip and seems to make the lather even MORE effectively mix with water, and generate just some amazingly delicious lather.

One word to describe this stuff.... "Bitchin'" - now the only problem/gripe.... it is ungodly/unreasonably expensive stuff.

Expect to see a detailed review (with pics) TONIGHT!
SLider said:
Is this only for currently unreviewed products, or can we add to already posted review threads?

You most certainly could/can add to already reviewed threads. Just a suggestion though - since as a group we will collectively be voting on the best reviews/reviewers, if you tack on an additional review to an existing review I would attempt to make your addition stand out with examples, pictures, in depth descriptions, etc.

This should be quite a bit of fun! :thumbup:


i am going to review the reviews, lol.

Joel, I love CF stuff, and it is the best cream I have used. Lately, been using Coral Skin Food to apply before lathering up for crossways and bladebuffing passes. It has eliminated any irritation.

I vote we close the contest and start the voting... Ohh, mines the only review submitted so I guess I win by default...

*cough* *cough* on the bright side joel, I guess that means you'll get to keep the other set... :idea:

I'm in!
C&E Best Badger Brush

And another:
Parker 90R DE

And another:
T&H Lavender Cream

And another:
Caswell-Massey Almond Aftershave Balm

Salter Citrus Cream

Caswell-Massey Almond Preshave Oil

Yet another:
Trumper's Rose Cream

Please, please, please, vote for me!!! Never tried Castle Forbes, and SLider's already a big fan of the stuff :tongue: :wink:

And anyway... castlecraver.... Castle Forbes.... :ihih:
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