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B&B Review System!!!!

Alright fellas... all the kinks have FINALLY been worked out (thank god!) and we have the review system fully functional! I am going to port over my review into the system and we'll have it open to everyone THIS SUNDAY!! Make sure to sign on and check it out - throw in your opinions and post some reviews!!

This is really big news and this will really give us an OVERALL opinion of each product, and will allow members to look at how EACH person feels about a product in each category, as well as the overall opinion.

Can't wait!! :w00t:

Also - remember fellas - this Sunday is the monthly chat night - so make sure to be there Sunday for the monthly B&B Chat!

Be there or be a mach III :wink:
Gents-- I wanted to post a kudos to the review function! Great idea and something that sets B&B apart from the other boards. I've gotten some good info from it (and posted a few comments as well). :thumbup1:


Glad you like!

Also, something I find pretty impressive, the review system has only been open for 2 weeks, and we already have 92 products that have been reviewed. :eek:

that feature is another example of why this is my favorite shaving website. it is full of good information that you can actually use and you don't have to wade through the mindless banter.

now i should actually put my camera to use and do some reviews.
obsessis said:
now i should actually put my camera to use and do some reviews.
The review system is only as comprehensive as the members here make it. *nudge nudge* :ihih: :wink2:

yeah, i def. need to get on that.

here is a question related to the system.

i want to upload pics for my reviews. the upload feature doesn't auto-size them, does it? do i need to make them smaller (pixels and filesize) to not take up as much room or does it do it automatically?

what is an easy, free program to use to resize images?

The picture you use as the header image will be resized (although, there is a limit, so if it's too big, the software will reject it).

For any additional images you want to use in the review itself, it'd probably be best to use the Gallery. The Gallery will also automatically resize images to make them a more appropriate size for inserting in posts. Once you've uploaded to the Gallery, you can reference the picture in any posts or reviews by selecting the "BB Image Code" on the picture's gallery page, copying it, and inserting it into your post/review.

As for your question regarding resizing, if need be, the easiest way I can think of is to open the image in paint (comes with windows), go to "Image" and choose "Stretch/Skew". Then under stretch, you can make a decrease based on percentage. Just make sure you use the same percentage on both width and height, or your image proportions will get distorted. Then save the image, and voila. I personally use Photoshop, but Paint is something that comes on every Windows computer.

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