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B&B Essential - Available (Link to buy in first post)

Alrighty fellas - we'll unleash the BBE's we've been siting on (about 150), but i'll be honest, they're not as nice as the last ones, as the knots are not as dense. Since I'm obsessive compulsive when it comes to consistency, these will likely be the last of the BBE's, but to be very clear - they're not floppy, or of poor quality... they're just not as dense as the last batch and I don't want each batch we get in being different than the last.

They're still a superlative value, and they're still perform beautifully, but the last batch was a 10, and these are 8.5's. For $50, an 8.5 is still an outstanding deal, and would be a superlative x-mas gift.

We'll post the order info tonight or tomorrow :smile:

UPDATE: It's up - and online. Link is HERE - NOTE: It is $58 because shipping has been added, IE there is no shipping charge. :smile:

Below is the difference between this batch and the last - on the left is the previous batch, on the right is the existing batch.

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Looks good, I sold my round one and I hate myself

Looks good in the pic. I'm using the C&E BBB now, and just ordered a Shavemac because I was tired of waiting for the Essential.

Now I have to decide if I should buy the Essential anyway (DAMN YOU! :biggrin:).
Sure... sure... just do this the day after I finish explaining why I don't need new brush to wife/daughter:eek:. I was trying to grease the wheels towards a Goodfella. Now this is an option. Oh well... ya lose some... and you fail to win others. :biggrin:
I assume the order information will be posted in a painfully obvious fashion. Amiright?

If I miss my chance on this brush because I have to go to my company's holiday party I will be seriously peeved... :mad:
not that I am aware of. As it states above, stay tuned & don't dilly-dally once instructions are posted. Have UR finger on the trigger.
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