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Well fellas, the time has come. I have taken a look at on of the final versions of the DVD, and it is looking pretty good to me! Hopefully by THIS MONDAY or so we will be taking order for these suckers! :biggrin: :biggrin:
Howdy guys,

I'm away from the machine that has the dvd on it, so I can't give specifics, but if I remember correctly, there are 5 sections:

Method Shaving
Hot Pot Method
Lathering Soaps (A lathering and comparison of 3 popular soaps)
Product Reviews (A rundown of quite a few shaving related products)
Straight Razor Shaving (Including a short stropping tutorial)

If I'm remembering correctly, the DVD will have roughly an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes of video.

There's just a little housekeeping that needs to be done, and some details need to be finalized, and after that, it should be ready for primetime (like Joel said, we're shooting for Monday at the latest).


That's one of the details that needs to be finalized. :biggrin:

Our goal is two-fold, to help spread the word, and to cover our expenses. We're not looking to make money, we're more looking to break even. We also readily admit that this thing is just two guys with some beer and some shaving cream, not a professional production with a sound stage, a steadi-cam, or a fancy infomercial quality b-list director, so you can definitely count on it being cheaper than a bottle of Musgo. :wink:

rtaylor61 said:
Did he say cheaper than a bottle of Musketel???


Aaah, good ole muskrat, that type of wine brings back some memories... of painful headaches the next day. At any rate, I said MUSGO cheap, not "excuse me sir, could you spare some change so I can go buy a box of wine" cheap. :wink:

Austin said:
Joel or Nick, what is the pricing and shipping costs?
I thought I read that you were getting special deal. I believe your donating a bottle of Creed Tabarome Original was mentioned. :biggrin:
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