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B&B Combo - how to order....

anyone received this yet? I'm clear across the country, so I dont expect it anytime soon, but just wanted to see if it went out...
When I ordered mine Charles told me they would be ready to go on Monday (29 Aug). I am in Canada, so you will probably get your orders a lot quicker than me... :glare:
Charles confirmed my package went out Monday...I figured I would add on to the order so UPS won't be showing up until next Tuesday. A downside of having a 3 day weekend...1 more day to wait for my package.
Argh! Mine shipped this afternoon. My guess is it will probably take approx. 10 days. Where is the smilie for arms folded, tapping toe?
My order from Charles hath arrived!

This has got to be the best smelling batch of stuff I have ever received. The Lavender and Anise shave stick smells AMAZING. The Taylor's almond, too.

But the B&B cologne.....

I would be almost tempted to think that Charles listened to me in another thread about balancing out the sandalwood with the green notes. Unfortunately, my sniffer probably just missed it in the first sample. This is PERFECT!!!! The green and woody notes are perfectly set against the buttery, woody sandalwood EO. A superb, manly scent. In the shave stick, the piney notes come out a bit more, but equally lovely. I will shave with this tomorrow morning and let you know how it goes.
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