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INFO! B&B Brown Leaf - Stock Exchange


C.C. & D.U.
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Gents - a heads up here:

The Stock Exchange used to be limited to people who purchased the Brown Leaf Tag.
That has been problematic for the accountant who takes care of B&B's books.
Having to reconcile a $1 PayPal purchase after PayPal fees left less than what was necessary to pay the accountants fees.
In other words, a financial loss for every tag.
Two ways to solve that problem:
1. Increase the cost of the tag (not a viable option)
2. Find another way to verify age through PayPal.

The solution is that it is no longer possible to purchase a Brown Leaf Tag for access to the Stock Exchange, instead, all B&B Contributors (since they have used PayPal to purchase a Contributor Tag) have access to the Stock Exchange.
All previous Brown Leaf Tag holders are grandfathered.

So, in short - previous holders of the Brown Leaf Tag, and all B&B Contributors should have access to the Stock Exchange.

No one likes change, but a change was necessary. This change should actually be good for the Brown Leaf as it opens the Stock Exchange to more lively activity.

If you are a Contributor who did not have a Brown Leaf Tag, or if you are a previous holder of the Brown Leaf Tag and are NOT a Contributor and you cannot access the Stock Exchange, please let me know and I will get it sorted out for you.
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