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B & B Boar Brush?


They show up on the BST site every so often. Once upon a time I owned about 5 or 6 of them. Nice knot and overall decent brush. The handle was diminutive; and I have big hands so that just made using one (for me) a bit impractical
Is it a great brush for $40.00? It has great reviews & I like the black color. Thanks!
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Is it a great brush for $40.00? It has great reviews & I like the black color. Thanks!
That, I cannot say, since mine was 20.

I will say I like the knot a lot better than my SOC boar which sells for anywhere between 27 and 45. I don't have any other 40 dollar boars with which to compare.
I was going to get a Sem 620 for around 21 bucks since I face lather & bowl lather. The B&B brush I have been tossing around in my head cause of the price. Any suggestions, i am not rich. Thanks.
I have the B&B 10th Anniversery boar brush. It's become my favorite now that it's broken in. But I don't have any other boar brushes to compare it with. I've used various badger, synthetic, and horse brushes, but just the one boar.
I have both the Semogue 620 and the B&B Essential Boar (not the anniversary one, I paid 20 for mine). On the question of is the $40 brush better than the $21 brush? It's all a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer Semogue knots to Omega knots (Omega makes the B&B). I think both brushes are great, but if pressed to answer if one is nineteen dollars worth better, I'd have to say no. The Semogue 620 is an excellent brush, as is the B&B. But if cost is a factor for you, get the less expensive one.
I love my BB brush which I got off of the BST, barely used. It broke in lovely and get used the most. The knot is great but I couldn't tell you how it compares to a SOC as I've not used one, as the look flopppy to me and the Omega has a ton of backbone. Speculation there though.
As much as its one of my favourite brushes I wouldn't pay $40, either keep an eye out on the bst or just get a plain Omega brush.
it was a cool concept, and I liked supporting B&B and an American vendor.

I also have bigger hands and found the handle uncomfortable enough to not even fully break it in before I sold it here. the brush struck me as ok and functional, but I didn't fall instantly in love with it. it was also a bit smaller than my preferred range.

the only boar I have left is a SOC, and it's all I want or need from a boar.