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B & B Bay Rum with a Twist

Saint Sue,

I must say I am very impressed with this EDT.

Being that I suffer from SAD, i was just wondering (ok, hoping) that u would be coming out with a shave soap that smells this way. I have not been a fan of bay rum shave soaps(have no idea which one is best by test), but if u do this one, I'll b the first in line!

I made a limited run of 'B&B Bay Rum with a Twist', in 3" cakes as a complimentary gift to the first 20 customers of the new EDT. I expect this EDT will be added to my website sometime today or at the latest tomorrow.

I'm very happy to know you are enjoying the fragrance. This new EDT was an endeavor suggested/tested by members here at B & B. They are who should be receiving compliments.
She sent me a sample with my package. We'll give it a try. At first didn't know exactly what it was but thanks for the sample and the thread.

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