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Axe Aftershaves

Hey guys now I know a lot of people aren't fans of anything Axe since it has a teen image, But there's this local wholesaler here in South Florida that sells name brand products but the foreign versions for so much cheaper it's a gray market. So the other day I saw that they had Axe after shaves in many scents for like 3 bucks each, The only Axe I really liked is the Dark Temptation scent which is chocolate and spice. So I smelled it and I said dang it smells good nothing like the cheap body sprays it smells refined and not synthetic. I ended up getting a 4 pack which comes sealed from the box, It seems that it has great healing properties it has castor oil and glycerin but no menthol which is unfortunate. The bottles are glass and 3.3 oz when I used it my skin felt great a good burn, But nothing crazy like Aqua Velva or some of the other traditional after shaves and the scent lasted a couple of hours but it's not overwhelming. It's either made in the UK or Poland.


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