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Nice bottle!

That is, without a doubt, the coolest product from Avon I've ever seen.

It also came in a small rum jug.

I use vintage Avon after shave as well. My favorites are Spicy and Tai Winds. Spicy is my goto after shave, I love it. I have yet to find their bay rum.
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Yep..Wild Country is my goto.
My mother sold Avon and I even had the bullhead necklace. :001_smile
Recently the mother of the kids my wife babysits was an Avon lady and I stocked up again. Talc, cologne, aftershave, balm, body wash. The deodorant doesn't work for me though!!!
I guess I'm just Wild and crazy guy. She gave up on Avon and gave me a bunch more that she had from cancelled orders. I am stocked up now for years.
I have 1 bottle of Black Suede (I think it's called) but it's not for me.
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