Avon cologne and aftershave

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by doctordial, Jul 24, 2018.

    I'm just curious, are there any Avon fragrances you guys recommend?
  1. Ad Astra

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    Wow! Yes, but everyone will have opinions ... vintage Avon rules!

    I *had to have* Oland cologne, after getting the after shave.

    Deep Woods I never get tired of, and I did use a whole bottle of Wild Country.

    Tai Winds is in rotation, as well. All of these are vintage, except the one dead bottle of WC.

    Ah. I have one, Trazzarro, I think - it's just OK. Not bad, just not as distinctive as the others.

  2. troy

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    I find very little if any difference between the aftershave and cologne. Favorite scent by far is Spicy. I also really like Island Lime, not much hang time, but really nice while it lasts. Wild Country, Deep Woods, Oland, Everest, Bravo and Windjammer all get occasional use. Tai Winds I seem to go back and forth on some days I really enjoy it, others it seems a little too much. Seems like if I work up a sweat, it reacts funny with my body chemistry and turns int a strange funk.
  3. emwolf

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    tons of great scents no longer manufactured and some good ones still in production. As said above, I cannot tell a big difference between cologne and aftershave.
  4. Ad Astra

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    With Oland, the cologne has a honey note not present in the AS.

  5. I would agree on this. I was given a bunch of Avon bottles a few months back and this car was about 30% full of Oland Cologne. I was a happy boy. Definitely worth the $5 that was paid for the lot for this alone. (plus another 10 oz of WC aftershave, as if I needed more!).


    I find that my favorite Avon is whatever I'm wearing that day. I find myself getting on eBay to see if I can find more, because you never know when you might run out in 10 years... :blink:

    (don't sleep on the Leather... it's fantastic)
  6. My fav Avon is also the hardest to find, American Classic. It's one of the few without 500 listings on the bay
  7. Wild Country and Leather are strong enough as A/S's. Spicy and Oland deserve cologne strength.

    Bravo, Island Lime, Windjammer, and Tribute are also memorable. Everest is pretty good, too.

    Clint is OK, Blue Blazer is a waste of time. But to each his own.

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