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Avon April

the gavel came out again!
I went with Spicy (Washington bottle) to conclude Avon April. Thank you @Stubblebum for "sponsoring" Avon April! While I did not have 30 days of participation, I did double my Avons this month adding Oland and Cool Sage to Spicy and Leather...and arriving a day early (in honor of the final day no doubt) was an additional 8oz (Pony Post) of Leather...my current nector of the Gods. :badger:
the Final shave of avon April also the start of pif for me so the last shave is a twofer
Brush: rubberset 400/4
Soap: Mystic Water
Razors: Gillette 63 and 66 slims
Blades: Czechoslovakian-made Astra Superior Stainless in the 63 and Russian-made Astra Superior Stainless in the 66
Post: Thayer rose
After: Avon spicy smart move horse
cya all in may-von


Dirty Donuts are so Good.
Last Shave for Avon April.

Razor: Merkur 33C
Blade: Wizamet Super Iridium
Brush: Plisson Synthetic
Soap: L’Occitane Cade
AS: Vintage Avon Everest

in a empty hot sauce bottle but used to be in a Polar Bear decanter. The decanter was cool, but hard to hold onto and pour into the other hand. :)

I am a every other day or two shaver, so I didn’t get 30 shaves in either, but thanks for the thread @Stubblebum. I am a seasonal type of guy with my shave software. April is a perfect month to use up some of my vintage Avon collection that don’t get much rotation during the year.

April has a good mixture of some warm and sunny and cold and rainy days which is perfect for the many scents Avon has to offer.

I made a nice dent thus April in my Avon stock. Hope we do it again next year! :)

I am missing my Bootlegger’s!
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