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Avon April

I can, for a while...


Great idea. There's nothing better!


I had one of those totem poles, but it is so tall I kept knocking it over. I ended up giving it away.
(cool looking decanter, though) :thumbup:


Dirty Donuts are so Good.
I admit I decant some of the uglier ones ... I can't park a hinky red car on the shared vanity. :a14:


This is a great idea to get involved. And while I have many bottles of Avon juice, I only have a few actual Avon decanters to show off, because I always decant them into other more user friendly glass and take the empty decanter’s to a thrift store.

So, I guess I can use and post a few pics of the ones I have left. :)


Dirty Donuts are so Good.
Today's Avon is Deep Woods - possibly my favorite and I like them all!


But the "Leaping Trout" is asking for trouble from wife. It is both cool and ugly!

She won't say anything, but I was tempted to decant it - then decided to just use it faster!


Deep Woods is one of my favorites also.


Dirty Donuts are so Good.
Avon April SOTD

Semogue 1800 boar
Mike's Barbershop
'55 Red Tip
Personna Red (6)
Wild Country (bottle with bull head label)

In honor of @Stubblebum starting this great thread, I am also matching his recent Avon AS. :)


Vintage Soap: Caswell Massey
Vintage Brush: Mary Kay Boar
Vintage Razor: Schick Krona
Vintage Mug: Burma Shave
Vintage Avon: Wild Country with Bull Head Label. :)

Modern Blade: Gillette Platinum Blue

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Timeless Ti OC68
Fine Lavender
Simpsons Duke 2
and vintage Avon Blend 7, which is compositionally genius. The "cigarette ash note" and real oakmoss is strong in this one!

Hello. Look what Is sold here in Argentina. Is It sold un USA?


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