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Average time between shaves?

I usually shave daily for work and once or twice over the weekend. So typically six shaves per week. To answer the question specifically, I would say 24 hours is my average time between shaves.
It started with M-W-F, but then I ended up with too many razors, so now I shave M-F and take the weekends off--it's either because I don't want to neglect the razors I have, or to justify them. I also just feel better clean shaven at the beginning of the day--seems kinda half-done only taking a shower and not shaving.
Wow! Thanks for the replies. At a glance, it seems to be every 2 days as an average. When I used to use cartridge (Mach 3) i got a better shave at 4/5 days growth. I can't even imaging doing it every day - regardless of razor. BTW... as i try to reach the required # of posts - so that I can post in the For Sale/Trade thread - is there a way to see the # of posts so far? Thx!
You have NOW PROVEN to me that you are a "Traveler"..... You came back so quickly with that comeback that you have to be a Time Traveler....you HAD to rehearse it a few times!
Although it's no shame to come in second to you, I just had to throw in my little joke, no matter how minute. As for the future, the less I reveal about it, the better it will be for all hour sakes. 😉
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