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Average HHT and a Nice edge?

I always take hht result with a pinch of salt
If I finish a razor on a fine charnley or idwal it will often be hht 4 but usually quite harsh in the shave.

Some coti edges are barely hht 2 and the shave is smooth as butter

Thuri edges usually do fairly well in hht and are lovely smooth shaves.

As said above the shave test is the main test
I don't come off my Coti without a good HHT, but a lot comes into play, it's not an objective test, many variables come into play with the HHT.

However, my best edges come off the stone and are able to cut the thinnest and finest hairs I can find without stropping, always an indication of a really good edge for me, but I have calibrated the HHT with my hairs, my razors and my stones. Also how you hold the hair, where you hold, root in or root out, etc. it all matters.

But yes, I personally use it and it never fails me.
I also have bad edges pass it, so interpretation is everything.

Real test is indeed a shave test, I wet a piece on my cheeck with just water and shave a bit, it immediately tells me everything.
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