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Autumn/Winter cream choices

Having visited tobs shop yesterday, I can only recommend it you're in the area. Be warned though, it's actually in jermyn St not old bond St. A true piece of English history, staff included. Anyway, I went with the Mr Taylor as predicted but was absolutely blown away by the St James collection. So much so, I kept on taking it out of the bag to give it a whiff. Tomorrow's shave can not come soon enough!
I like Sandalwood scents in winter. I've been itching to try the Salter Indian Sandalwood, but my tubs of Sublime Citrus (a grapefruit/orange scent) and Fresh Mint (mint choc chip ice cream or peppermint pattie scent) are lasting longer than I thought they would. I also like Rose scents in winter and have the Salter Wild Rose and Taylor Rose. Unlike most Taylor creams which are firm, my Taylor Rose has a soft, creamy texture similar to Salter. While Rose is not my favorite scent, Rose creams seem to make my face feel better in winter. A Rose cream also gets the call if I have any irritation from a previous shave.
I have and love TOBS Rose. The weird thing is my Rose cream has always been very firm. Most of my other creams (AOS, Speick, Proraso) are all very soft almost like toothpaste while my TOBS Rose is firmer closer to butter.
Great thread for the season! I find myself reaching more for Trumper's Sandalwood and also milking my sample of CF Cedar & Sandalwood (thank you again tehtimmeh for the samples!). Bot of these products are absolutely outstanding. Looking forward to ordering some Al's Bomb Samples. I have a feeling that there are some winter cream pearls in that sampler. :001_smile
I can't seem to find the vetiver on Al's website which is unfortunate as it sound's nice. As an aside however, I am slightly hesitant about buying overseas as the last package I ordered took a month to arrive thanks to USPS and the postage was exorbitant.

I'm in London tomorrow so I may well swing past Jermyn Street and pop into Taylor's for a look.

Can anyone recommend anywhere to buy musgo or penn's?

Thanks for your comments.

Anyone have a link to Al's site? I've never heard of him but love Vetiver and this sounds like its right up my alley!!

My winter rotations consists of Acca Kappa 1869, MWF & Musgo.