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    I had a request to put a thread together showing tips and tricks to make some lather from the Australian Palmolive/Mennen shave stick. It's not the easiest soap that I worked with but also, not the most difficult either. The secret? It just take a bit more water than the regular shave stick. It took me a few tests to realize that more water is required. Now, I'm not saying that all shave sticks are easy to use but this one is an example that when you get a new product, try it before the shave. As always, YMMV!

    Why do I call it "Palmolive/Mennen" or "Mennen/Palmolive"? Simple, the sticks used to be branded under Mennen and recently (a few months ago) the package was redone and they are now sold under Palmolive name. For more information, consult this thread:

    I think the Australian version is a bit more difficult to work with compared to the Euro version but that's all right. As part of the local products, it's not the best but it works! For $2 AUD, it's a good and cheap introduction to shaving sticks!

    This is not intended to be a tutorial. Joel did a great tutorial on how to use a shave stick here:

    Also, I want to give credits to Axel_ for the "Firstbowl" technique that I saw in this thread:

    Finally, the review of this product is available here:

    I will cover a bad lather with Palmolive, a good one using a bowl (Shaving stick + bowl, no face lather) and I will face lather.

    Let's get started.

    Today I will use a small bowl (3" diameter by 1" deep), a Boar Men-U brush. I currently own 3 different Palmolive products(From left to right):
    • Palmolive/Mennen Shave stick (Oz)
    • Mennen Shave Stick made in Fiji with Tallow (I think this is a NOS stick that I got)
    • Palmolive Shaving Stick (Euro)

    As always, I will soak my brush and bowl in warm water before I start and leave them in there for ~5 minutes.

    I need to wet the shave stick before I use it, like any soap

    Here's the famous Fist bowl!

    I squeeze some water out of my brush. As usual, I half close my fist to leave some water in there.

    Charging the brush for a good 45 seconds.

    Empty the water from the bowl

    The lather is too dry after 20 seconds of mixing

    After ~3 minutes, it still doesn't look too good

    Let's try to add some water by dipping the tip of the bristles only.

    The other way to add some water is by dipping your fingers in the water and let a few drops fall in the bowl.

    The result? A bit better but not impressive...

    I could probably still use it as the lather seems to be thick enough but I wouldn't have enough for 2 passes.

    Let's try again but this time, post-soaking, instead of squeezing the bristles, let's just shake the brush until all excess water stop falling out of the brush.

    Again, we need to wet the stick first and empty the bowl(I know, recycling my images):laugh:

    Let's do the fist bowl again but place your fist at 90 degrees with the bowl under. Any excess lather will fall in the bowl. Charge the brush for the same time, around 45 seconds.

    After ~3 minutes of mixing, it looks much better than batch #1

    The lather is now thicker! I'm happy with this one.

    Finally, face lathering! Let's soak the brush and then dip the tip of the stick

    On a wet face (post shower is good or just wet the area to be shaved if you dried it after your prep) I will apply the soap.

    Apply the soap where you need to shave, apply a fair amount and dip the tip of the stick as often as you need to to make sure it's easy to apply. I will need more soap than what is shown in the picture, at least double.

    Squeeze the brush a bit but not too much (keep in mind that we need more water for this one). If you squeezed too much water you can either re-soak the brush or just dip the tip of the brush in the water

    Let's start face lathering by doing some circles

    After a few minutes, I have a nice lather, I will mix it a bit more.

    It's not as thick as the version I did with the bowl but still very usable!

    Good Luck!
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  2. Brilliant job Luc:thumbup:I have the Fijian ( should have bought more of Ian) and Euro shavesticks and love them both. I had no luck with the Aussie version and ended up throwing it away. I may now have to get myself another stick and follow your directions. Thanks for putting in the effort.
  3. Great post, I currently use this product and now know the tricks! Actually for a stick that costs $2 you can't fault it!
  4. Another nice tutorial mate :thumbup1:

    You really do have to get out more :lol:

    There's two Aus shavesticks that I've always have trouble with, the standard Mennen and the Marjiuana Moisture.

    I'm sure I could get a better lather out of them but I've got so many other good sticks that sometimes it's just not worth the effort.
  5. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    You're in luck mate... I also have a Marijuana Moisture stick...:lol:

    Edit: I went outside this morning!
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  6. Great job Luc! I used both the Australian and the Euro (2,2) version. I rate the Euro version higher but nothing wrong with the down-under stick either; the lather is a bit less rich and protective but it lathers easy enough.

    Of course there are more luxurious and/or better soaps around but the Mennen/Palmolive stick does a more than adequate job. :thumbup1:
  7. Excellent Mennen tutorial Luc.

    My feelings about that particular shave stick are well known amongst the GSL shavers so I shall refrain from posting them here.
  8. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I know you don't have much love for that stick...
  9. nav


    WOW Fantastic tutorial Luc!

    I think the Mennen stick is a great performer but the smell of it was quite disgusting.
  10. Nice Job all around.
  11. Free Plug: For anyone interested, it appears Shave A Buck will be stocking this shaving stick in about a week. :tongue_sm
  12. Luc, all --

    The Aussie Mennen stick works ok, and I consider it a decent but rather unremarkable product. I scuff the stick on a wet face/beard and build the lather directly on my face. It will produce a decent lather and just requires that you work the lather a bit longer than you would with most shave sticks. The Euro Palmolive is a completely different product and IMO is superior. The Aussie stick lubes well and does a good job of softening the whiskers.

    -- John Gehman
  13. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    Agreed. It works all right but nothing great. The Euro Palmolive is much better and easier to use.

    The Fiji stick is even better, it also has tallow in it!
  14. +1 on the Fiji stick. It puts some high end soaps to shame IMO.
  15. Good work Luc! :thumbup1:
  16. I can see now that the problem is that my brush was too dry. However, now I find I'm using too much soap - there's green unlathered soap on the blade. Guess it's time to try making lather in a bowl ...

    Thanks again Luc for a very comprehensive tutorial.
  17. That just measn you didnt spend enough time working it on your face! And you probably need a touch more water!
  18. mdunn

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    cant beat that mennen scent, either!
  19. The fist bowl!

    That is how all the old guy's lathers up over here (Palmolive is widely available)

    It's called a "knytnävsskål" in Swedish.
    In case you did have an urge to know that :lol:
  20. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    In French it would be the: Bol-poing

    Doesn't sound good...:001_rolle

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