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Austin Barbershops?

I am looking for a decent barbershop in the Austin TX area. I am looking specifically to get my hair cut but a nice straight shave every now and again would be cool. I am located in North Austin so places up there would be good but I would travel if it is worth it.

Any suggestions?
I know of two barbershops that offer straight razor shaves:

The Good Life

Finleys for Men

There is another barbershop in the shopping center near the Domain, I can't remember the name of it or the shopping center. Its on Braker and the 35 (I think)

I have never gotten a straight razor shave from any of the above barbershops. Eric at Finley's cut my hair for a while but I go to a place much closer to home now. Good luck and let us know if you use any of these shops, good or bad.
Any new rec's from locals for a cut and a shave in Austin? Headed in tomorrow for a long weekend and would love to check out a cool spot that's not overly priced and has a cool oldschool b-shop vibe.
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