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Aussie Razor Pass Around Box.

1930-49 Gillette New Type Ball End Tech Long Comb with Gillette 7OC Yellow

This razor turned out to be a big surprise. It didn't feel like I was having a close shave when I was using it but results proved otherwise and I had best shave that l've had from any of the razors in the passaround box. It also has a great handle to use and I think that it'll hard to put this one back.
My 2nd shave with the long comb today was a huge disappointment and I'm not sure why. From my first stroke when I nicked a mole, one that even when I started blade shaving I rarely nicked, to the irritable face afterwards today was a horrible day. Luckily for me I picked up an alum stick and a bottle of Thayers unscented last week so I was able alleviate some of the damage. Two days ago I loved this razor, now I'm not so sure. I will however give it one more try with an Astra on Wednesday.
Hi GSL's
I'm almost ready to pass the box on but there are no other takers at the moment. If you're interested, have a look at the first post to see what's in there, let me or drwevil know by early next week.
These are great razors guys just post in here is your interested

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If you have ever wanted to try some old Gillette razors to see if they are as good as the reputation.... here is your chance.

These razors are well worth trying

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I’m heading down to Melbourne for a couple of days Rich. If there are no takers I’ll send the box back to you when I get back.

PS: Have you looked at the Safety Razor Acquisition Thread this morning?
I have it back again and is available for the next guy or gal that wants to try it.

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