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FS Aus Only. Straight Razor travel kit with roo strop. Washita hone

Keeping this one local for the Aussie lads. Australian shipping only.

First up we have a set containing a shave ready 6/8 Bengall razor, a dark Thuringian slate hone measuring 150x33mm, and a Joey rollable kangaroo leather strop measuring 17.5"x2" + travel container.

The strop is new, 1st grade Veg tanned leather. The razor has a few dark marks and blemishes on the face from old oxidisation, but it is still in good working order after nearly 100 years. It currently has a nice mellow Charnley Forrest honed edge, but if there is a different natural stone edge you prefer or want to try ask, because there is a good chance I might have one I can use on it before I post. The razor will arrive sanitised and stropped, ready to go for the first shave.

While I put this together with the idea of it being a travel set, it would also make for a good beginners set, though you may want to get yourself a cheap beginners strop for practice, so you don't put any nicks in the roo while you learn.

$150 Australian Dollarydoos, including regular domestic postage.



Item #2 is a vintage/antique Washita sharpening stone, measuring 2x8". I measured the specific gravity at 2.30.

Those in the know will tell you that vintage Washitas are about the most versatile knife and tool stone ever mined, able to remove material very quickly with pressure, or put a very fine edge on with a light touch. These have become increasingly harder to find, and more expensive in recent years. Real Washita stopped being mined many years ago. This stone is flat, degreased, and ready to use.

There a a few small pock mark holes in the surface which could be lapped away if you chose to, but I have not as they do not effect the use or performance of the hone in any way.

$80AU, posted within Australia.

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