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Auravita problem!

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I placed an order for a Kent BK4 on March 6th 2009. I read several members blogs on that it takes approx. a month to receive the item. ( I don't know why) I know it's coming from England but come one " A Month". Wow. anyways I was willing to wait due to the price. But you know what they say " You get what you pay for". Boy there not kidding.
So after a month , actually longer than a month, April 25th to be exact, I still hadn't got the package and sent an email to Auravita asking what was going on? They replied "It's must have been lost in transit". And they would start the claim process.
A week went by and they sent me another email stating they would send out a replacement item. That was June 3rd. Yesterday they told me the item is back ordered and it might be sent to me on June 16th.

I'm writing this to warn all the other members to be wary or of the site. Yes it's a cheap price but this is going on 3 months ......
I completely understand you being upset that you haven't received the merchandise you paid for in the quoted time, however calling them a scam is probably premature. It probably isn't the best level of customer service to go several days between communications, but errors in transfer happen all the time. And the BK4 being backordered on that site is hardly surprising, it's been absurdly popular from that vendor, more than likely because of the word of mouth traffic on here.

If you're unwilling to wait for their process to fix the error, you're within your right to ask for a refund, having received no goods. If they refuse, you can call them a scam at that point and go to your credit card company to refute the charges.
You know ..... Your Right, I shouldn't have called it a scam.. But they are extremely slowwwwwwww:sleep12:
I have bought two BK4 brushes in this time frame from Auravita including one that I ordered last week and received already. It sucks to hear about your order, though:frown:
The only reason I ordered from them is because of the recommendations of the B&B members. I'm sure this isn't common practice but this is ridiculous...I would hope they would do something extra to make up for the wait...
The fact that they contact you back is probably a good sign. Scam? Probably not. Awful shipping, from what I've heard, yes.
Your plight is unusual. They've been selling these BK4's and lots of guys here have been getting them. I ordered and received one to the east coast US in 4 days. Work with them, you'll get your brush.

-- John Gehman
Thank you to the Mod who changed the title from Scam to Problem. I was a Little perturbed when I wrote that....:blink:
Thank you to the Mod who changed the title from Scam to Problem. I was a Little perturbed when I wrote that....:blink:

I side with you on your frustration Steve. I am also one that it took over a month to receive mine. The shipping itself only took 8 days, but it was back ordered twice before being "dispatched". Hang in there, I know its tough waiting for something this long. It's a fun brush for that price :thumbup:
What has help me was waiting for the Irisch Moos buy to be completed. If you could wait for that, you can wait on anything! It took about 6 months for the Moos to arrive. It was only going to take 4 to 6 weeks :rolleyes: I now have all the patients in the world! :biggrin1:
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