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August 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Despite the urge to go spend some money on a new straight razor, still in and another month successfully completed.

I have decided that I can either do restraints or I can use one product all month long, but I can't do both again. This month was boring. For the rest of the year I'm using whatever I want (that I already own.) I have plenty of options.
I'm either out or I'm restocking... products I don't need... I just bought PdP No 63 soap and EdT, and then I also bought some Penhaligon's Sartorial. Hoping to smell good all winter!
The month went well, with 23-of-29 completing the month. :a20:

And when a brother makes a last-minute decision to purchase some items that have been contemplated and deemed worthy, it's time for one final...

Roll Call!

1) @FoolishMortal - Arko August
2) Sinnbad11 - out (8/27: Aristocrat replate)
3) @SharpieB
4) @JKar
5) @Roedeer - Arko August
6) @hopper_64
7) @Doti B
8) @cryhavoc - GRUYERE - Arko August
9) Mike M - out (8/13: Simpson Trafalgar T3)
10) linty1 - out (8/22: BS brush)
11) @Dodger59
12) @12stones
13) @wmadoty - GRUYERE - ShArko August
14) @henrickd - GRUYERE
15) Herrenberg - out (8/7: Iwasaki tamahagane kamisori)
16) @RumpleBearskin - QUADSAB, Arko August
17) @‘Bout Time
19) @Timeclo
20) @pdieten - GRUYERE. Arko August
21) sarir97 - out (8/5: Tabac)
22) @Stuart Ganis
23) @mattps1
24) Owen Bawn - Arko Sharko Whole Hog - out (8/31: Considered Purchases)
25) @sandorfi
26) @FL shaver
27) @La Malice
28) @BobbyB
29) @Contact_vs_Feedback - Arko August

I'll see you all (or some, anyway) in the other thread. :D

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