August 2, 2010 through August 8, 2010

Discussion in 'Shave of the Day!' started by SliceOfLife, Aug 1, 2010.

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    Friday....cooler and rainy here:

    Rooney 2/1 Finest
    Trumper Rose soap
    EJ Chatsworth with Crystal
    D.R. Harris Pink AS
    Trumper Coral Skin Food
    Czech & Speake No. 88
  1. T&H Unscented SC
    Tech w/ wilkinson sword
    Thayer's Lemon
    Osage Rub
  2. OK all my SOTD are in caps, sorry if it bugged you buddy! but thanks for the compliment:thumbup:
  3. Savile Row 1120
    Proraso Cream
    Proraso Splash
    Astra SP's

  4. It does not bother me, my remarks were merely in jest.
  5. :thumbup:Kool:a17:
  6. You are absolutely correct Mike, before shaving you MUST drink ALL of your coffee. Shaving with only 2 synapses firing is NOT a very good idea! LOL :lol: Note to self: Don't do that again! :001_rolle :laugh:
  7. Eversharp-Schick type G with vintage Eversharp-Schick (1)
    Semogue 1250 Boar
    Bozzano Mentolado SC
    Skin Bracer
  8. azmark

    azmark Moderator Emeritus

    Sweet! Is that the new light box?
  9. pal


    Gillette Ball Handled Open Comb NEW / Feather
    Shavemac #177 23mm
    P.160 "Tipo Morbido" Shave Soap
    Witch Hazel
    Pierre Cardin Aftershave Splash
  10. Evening shave:


    Lucky Tiger liquid cream sample
    Edwin Jagger Best Badger Brush
    Geneva Cutlery 5/8ths
    444 + Old Spice Pure Sport

    I nicked my strop for the first time today. Hopefully it's not a continuing trend. My straight shaves are getting better and better.

    Have a nice evening, gentlemen!
  11. Limey

    Limey Moderator Emeritus

    Merkur Futur
    Israeli Personna blade
    Omega Boar Red Handle
    QED Lime soap
    Thayer's Lavender WH
    Citrocol Light Lime AS
    QED Lime After Shave Conditioner
    T&H 1805 Cologne
  12. Yes sir, thanks, I'm still playing with the lights though! Trying to figure what works best!
  13. I'm still pretty new to this, so I've been shaving at night. My shave of the night:

    Trumpers Sandalwood Skin Food as a preshave
    C.O. Bigelow Cream
    Vulfix 660 Super Badger
    Merkur HD/Derby
    Trumpers Sandalwood Skin Food as an aftershave

    Now that I'm getting the hang of things, I can't wait to start experimenting with the other creams/soaps/aftershaves I've already acquired.

    Thanks B and B for a great forum.
  14. Yesterday's pic:

  15. Today's pic:


    Gold Tech w/ Super-Max stainless (2)
    Semogue 1250 boar
    Institut Karité SS
    Floïd Vigoroso AS
    [Penhaligon's Castile EdT]


  16. rum


    This is by far my vote for 'pic of the week'. Superb colours there, Henry and no doubt a smooth shave. :thumbup:
  17. Saturday Evening. First try of Bravas. This stuff rocks:w00t::thumbup1:

    Razor: Black Handle Superspeed
    Blade: Shark Super Stainless (3)
    Cream: TOBS Almond
    Brush: Omega Boar pro n48
    A/S: Bravas
    ASB: Gaia Organic
  18. djh

    djh Moderator Emeritus

    Saturday morning:

    Simpson's Case in Pure
    Futur + Derby
    Thayer's WH
    Guerlain Vetiver

    Enjoy the weekend, Gentlemen (I promise to take some more pics soon!)
  19. shm


    A comment to my SOTD the other day had me thinking (no cheeky comments please :biggrin1:). I thought it would be fun to shave with the cheapest equipment in my collection and with the most expensive as well.

    So today's shave is the cheapest possible, and it can't get less expensive because it is absolutely free :thumbup:
    All hard- and software is either gifts, won in competition or pif'ed to me.

    And I couldn't tell the price in the quality of the shave - it was really good.

    Tomorrow I'll take the expensive route.


    Japanese Rice Bowl
    Victoria Boar
    Gillette New with Lord Super Stainless

    Proraso Menthol Shaving Cream
    Ogallalla Bay Rum Aftershave

    Have a nice Saturday, Gentlemen of the B&B :001_smile

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