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Charity Auction Auction winnings thread


Needs milk and a bidet!
I gave the Pink Lamy FP and the Rhodia notebook to my niece who was just diagnosed with breast cancer (outlook is good). She was thrilled and loved it. Thank you for the donations.
Best of luck to her!

Tommy Tutone

Package just arrived from @Captain Pre-Capsize. Won the Gillette New RFB with bakelite case and blade blanks and the LAND HO! Reserve aftershave. Included freebies on the right: unobtanium original formulation Nor'easter AS, Nor'easter AS balm sample, and LAND HO! AS and shaving cream samples! Over and above the call of duty, Cap! Thanks for the generous donations.


Tommy Tutone

Recently bid on a disposable plastic Bel-Air Country Club razor (2 o'clock position)... Everything else including birth year razors (6 o'clock), gelatin capsules, mug, blades, and other freebies were completely unexpected and thoroughly appreciated.. Great cause. Thanks again for the generous donations @Bobbers :badger:

Got the Art of Shaving fine badger brush from ackvil yesterday, and I used it this morning! Nice brush, and I'm glad I was able to contribute to a worthy cause!!

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