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ATTN Cigar Aficianados!

Cubanlous.com has a black friday special of cubans which is a great deal. Of course you should not order these in the USA to comply with the embargo.

For $270:

Black Friday Sampler Pack - November 29th Only

Black Friday Sampler Pack
Only available on Friday November 29th, 2013
This Sampler Pack includes five (5) sticks each of the following cigars....
- Montecristo No.2
- Partagas Serie D No.4
- Cohiba Robustos
- Bolivar Royal Coronas
- Ramon Allones Specially Selected
- Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills

** BONUS :: FREE 5-pack of Jose L. Piedra Cazadores
Total Cigars - 35

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Bwahaha, I love how mod Jim edited the post to include the embargo note. Yes, if you live in the USA, don't buy cubans! :lol:

Historical note - just before JFK initiated the trade embargo with Cuba, he purchased 1,100 boxes of cuban cigars for himself :thumbup:
That is a great deal! The RASS and the Royal Coronas are especially nice. You might have to age the #2's and the Series D #4's. I have "heard" that the #4's are smoking better lately, but a little age on them will make them improve tremendously.
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