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Attic find from a "Shovelhead" friend.

Last week a good friend of mine found a cigar box in his attic and gave me a few of the contents. He is not sure of the origins, however he claimed that some of the previous relatives who lived there had been military and barnstormers. I told him that the item below looked like a 1924 "Shovelhead." The metal box is very small, about 2.5 x 2.5 inches. I hope that someone may be able to provide information. It looks a little like one of the photos in the very informative post by Mata 66.


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Wow. That's really cool! I have a shovelhead, but no case. Very interesting backstory!
Thanks, I think that the other razor (DE) in the attic was from one of my friend's grandmothers. I will post a photo in the next day or two. She worked in a military hospital during WWII in Indianapolis.
Sweet find! It looks to be in excellent condition.

That’s the first Shovelhead I’ve seen with a chainlink handle. And therefore the shortest chainlink handle I’ve seen.
Here is a related item, from the military side:
73CBE1C9-A4DB-491A-ADD3-861C9D26AB7C.jpeg 9DD8513C-90FE-41B2-8D33-F9BDF8C3EABB.jpeg

If you are not a Gem SE user and want to shave with your Shovelhead, I can send you some modern Gem blades.

A few more Gem/American Safety Razor links (you may have seen them already):