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Attention - The B&B Million-ennium is Here! (for real)


Folks, In case you hadn't noticed this, as of March 25, 2009 B&B has crested one million posts. Yes that's right, one million posts!

This is truly a special place on the Internet and YOU have helped make it that way. Even if you only visit occasionally, even if you have only made one post - YOU have had a part in this momentous occasion. How many of you came here chasing links looking for a better shave and stayed on after you've mastered this craft to help others or to discuss other gentlemanly pursuits? This place really does draw people in and keep them coming back in an amazing way.

The Mod team would like to congratulate all members on an amazing group accomplishment. It is a pleasure to be associated with you all. We have enjoyed reading these million posts and are looking forward to the next million.


Folks, Astute members may notice that this post appeared once before, a few weeks ago. That was me jumping the gun a little bit :blush: Mods have access to a few forums that aren't viewable by the general membership so what we see for thread/post counts is a bit different from non-Mod members. We've been checking our post count as an unregistered user to be sure everyone will see a million as this announcement rolls out again. So congrats B&B......again!
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Thanks to those who have participated in making this the premier wetshaving website on the interweb!

Thats a lot of zeros


Another Million reasons to come to the B&B!​
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Yeah, but at least half of them are from Jay. Do those count?


Not if information content is a criteria :lol:

Who'd a thunk it - that's a lot of zeros!

Thanks to all of our members for helping us reach this milestone.

Here's to the next million posts!
Let us all take a moment to applaude for ourselves!

A million posts on a forum about shaving. Don't tell it to the sane people around you, this is our thing :wink:
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wow! amazing! will the post count reset anytime now? :biggrin:

seriously! congatulations to all members, but specially to the founders and mods.
Amazingly remarkable. What a wonderful place. Joel and Nick, you've built a monument not only to shaving, but to the fine art of being a gentleman. Kudos to you, to all who've worked so hard over the last 4 years to make this site great, and to those who continue to join in search for a bit of dignity and refinement in an increasingly hectic world. Here's to millions more.
Congratulations gentlemen. The quality of the people I meet here (with a few exceptions :blushing:) has always surprised me. It shouldn't. This is thanks to the thousands who make this forum a place that gentlemen (and a few ladies) chose to spend a portion of thier valuable time. Thank you.
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