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FS ATT, Timeless, Wolfman, Barbaros/Rocnel, Mongoose, Karve, Parker

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Clearing out some stuff. Maybe fellow B&B folks can find some items to their liking.

CONUS and PayPal only, all shipping included in price via USPS or UPS. Upon successful completion of any transaction, I intend to get it to the post office or UPS within 1-3 business days.

Please PM me if you want to buy anything, or if you have a question.

All items might have minor wear from normal usage.

Above The Tie D.E. Razor Package: One complete razor PLUS an extra complete head, PLUS an extra base plate, with one additional unknown handle as a throw-in…[maybe a wave].

Itemized as follows: Bamboo handle, an "M2" OC Baseplate, an "R" SB Baseplate, an H2 OC baseplate, plus 2 top caps. Also, as noted, I'm throwing in an unknown handle [pictured]...maybe it's a wave. I can't remember. ATT box included. I prefer not to separate items. Sold as a package.
Price: $175

Timeless Razor Items: Includes TWO top caps [Both Scalloped], TWO base plates, TWO handles, and ONE stand. The first baseplate is a 0.95 gap, open comb. The other baseplate is a 0.68 gap, Scalloped. One handle is a 100mm pineapple, the other is a 85mm dimpled. I prefer not to separate items. Sold as a package with Timeless box. I believe these items purchased new in the most cost-efficient manner [using cost-effective packages], would cost about $500.

Price: All for $275.

Wolfman Razor: This is for a complete polished razor [Baseplate, Top cap, and handle – all Wolfman brand, but no stand].

The baseplate is the WR1, 0.61 gap, OC. The handle is 90mm [I forget the designation, but the picture shows it].

NOTE: The price is what I estimate as what you would pay directly from James [if even available]. I realize many would place it on an open bid forum, and get much more than what I am asking. But, I am hoping to sell to someone that has wanted one, but was unable to get one, and not to someone trying to turn a quick profit. I realize that I will not be able to enforce my request. Just going by the honor system.

Price $175


Barbaros/Rocnel Adjustable D.E. Razor with Stand

Price: $185

Above The Tie S.E. Head only [
not to be confused with the above D.E. package]

The head is an SE2 OC baseplate, with a smooth top cap.

Price: $85

Mongoose S.E. satin stainless head only

Price $95

Karve D.E. “B” Complete Razor [one head and handle]
Complete razor: Head [with a “B” baseplate, top cap, and handle].
Price: $55
[I couldn't add anymore pics due to the 10 image limit]

Parker Variant Adjustable
It's the satin looking adjustable razor.
Price: $35
[I couldn't add anymore pics due to the 10 image limit]
You can and should add extra pics for those not included in a second post in this thread.

Your collection is fantastic.
Good on you with the Wolfman offer, like you said hopefully the person that buys it doesn’t try to flip it. My OCD would make we watch out for it :001_cool:
@nvpliers i have to ask, with you selling these wonderful razors, what razor is so good to make you sell these?
I've just settled on a few favorites, wanting to rid some of the excess, and giving a chance to help others as well. I think this is the 3rd BST, I've done here. It's always worked out well in that others can pick up razors at reasonable prices, and I am not simply accumulating piles of stuff.

But no. I'm not really targeting any new razor, though.
Amazing pif on that wolfman

Thanks. James makes a good razor for sure. I was fortunate a few years back to pick up 2. The one I'm keeping suits me better. It has a milder blade gap. But the one sold is really nice.
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