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    Since I had the SE2, I decided to pick up the SE1 baseplate from the returns on the ATT website.

    The story...

    My initial entry into the AC platform was very disappointing. I was not going to put anymore money into it. Long story short, the Schick Proline blade saved the platform for me, extremely sharp and smooth.

    The V1 Hawk was immediately given to my father-in-law. The aluminum General was used off and on and then sold. And everyone knows how I feel about the El Jefe, it's outstanding.

    The shave today with the SE1 was just as outstanding as the El Jefe shaves. Smooth and efficient. No fear, no irritation.

    I ordered the Mr SE(new El Jefe) and if it's the same shave experience, the price is hard to beat.

    If you have the coins, the ATT SE1 is well worth it. It's stainless steel and very well made, the cap that came with my SE2 lined up perfectly with the SE1 baseplate.

    To put things into perspective, The SE1 is probably the best all around razor. Its efficient and smooth, well balanced, I love the way it feels in my hand and it's well made, love the weight and the Atlas handle.

    The SE2 is a step above the SE1, more focus is required, but it will get you to your desired results a little faster.

    The El Jefe is only second to the SE1 in build quality, not sure what the El Jefe is made of, but it's an outstanding shaver.

    The aluminum General was definitely milder.

    The Classic Cobra was definitely milder, I didn't care for the shape of the handle.

    The Asylum RX didn't offer me the safety I look for in a safety razor, and wasn't any more efficient than the SE2.

    The RR Hawk V1 was too mild, never used it with a Schick Proline though.

    After shaving with the SE1 for the first time today, I doubt I'll pick the SS General.

    I'm very happy with the SE1 and SE2, paired with the Schick Proline, they are my favorite AC razors.
  1. But how does it compare to the Gem MMOC? Do tell.
  2. My technique is: my razor doesn't stop until I hit BBS. The SE2, MMOC, SE1, and El Jefe are all in the same class, they will all get me to the same results in about the same amount of strokes.

    I'm not sure how many shaves were on the Proline but I will use a fresh one tomorrow.

    If I were left with this as my only razor, I would be mad at all. On the other hand, if I were left with the Sabre, I would be mad! It's too mild.
  3. Merle

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    The SE1, it is a beautiful piece of kit. You've got me thinking about the base plate for open comb (SE2), just to complete the system. There is something ?special? about feeling the blade exposed as it is with open combs. Not necessarily dangerous (as like str8's, or, on the artist club handles )- but it certainly could be. However, give the blade that litt'l extra focus and the long lasting bbs is just wonderful. Congrats rabidus!
  4. < rabidus > The reason I asked is that your championing the MMOC is responsible in my re-newed interest in that razor. That in turn led to bettering my technique with least forgiving of the GEM models.
  5. I have the aluminum version of the SE1--excellent razor. I've been thinking of adding the stainless steel version to my shave den, too.
  6. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    The ATT SE1 is currently my favorite razor. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying it rabidus.
  7. The key is a light touch with the right angle.

    Thanks! Great shaves from a well made razor. The Atlas handle is awesome.
  8. That's what I thought it first regarding the Sabre. But somehow, after about 15 shaves, I got the hang of it. And it would be easy for me to imagine it being my last razor. I find it far superior to any artist Club type SE razors. Though I could easily have the brass General as my last razor too for that matter.

    The more aggressive plate is coming pretty quickly for the Sabre. I will pick it up as I think he could use a boost in aggressiveness. Though I have dialed it in so well at this point that it really wouldn't be necessary.

    The other thing I love are the GEM blades. I'm getting 13 or 14 shaves to the blade on average. Do the math and this cost so little per shave it's even less than what I was paying for relatively inexpensive SE blades.

    I really enjoyed reading your write-up of the ATT SE1. It's nice when you find the one that can really be the end-all-be-all of razors.

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  9. Dragonsbeard

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    Sounds like you picked up a great razor and two nice baseplates.. Congrats! :thumbup1:
  10. I tried the Sabre on loan, it's pretty mild and invites pressure. Going from the Sabre to the MMOC, you may apply way too much pressure.
  11. Very true. In fact, with the Sabre, I purposely use more pressure. Seems to work with this razor. We'll see with the new more aggressive plate. I bet it won't need as much.

    But yes, if I were to go back to the MMOC I would have to be very careful. :)
  12. I've used the El Jefe, Asylum RX, aluminum General, Classic Cobra, V1 aluminum Hawk, ATT SE1 and 2, and I'm not sure why the SE1 and SE2 are not selling like hot cakes!

    You mentioned how great the ATT SE1 was in the past, and rightly so!
  13. Used the SE1 today for my face shave, no head shave today, call me crazy... No Super lather either, just whipped up the Aveeno Therapeutic shave gel with my boar brush and applied it. I usually load my brush with VDH Deluxe first. A simple fast BBS face shave...

    Ordered 90 more Schick Proline blades to my stock, didn't need them, it's the only blade I use and my preferred razor system. I would surely die if the Schick Proline disappeared.
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  14. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    But, do you like them?

    Where are you getting them? I have some ordered from New York (shipped) and some ordered from Japan (who knows what's happening with that mess).

    Actually, I almost wish I'd ordered 200 of this untried blade from the ebay dealer.

    Maybe there's a better supply route?

    Happy shaves,

  15. I love them! Only AC blade I use.

    I ordered both times from Ratuken in Japan.
  16. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    I know they have different shops. Mine (the current Ratuken shop) has something - lax practices or funky communication - going on, but I expect it will all work out in time, to my advantage.

    My New York order should arrive at my office on Saturday (I'm kinda guessing as it was shipped USPS) when I'm not here (but I could drive to the office, and might). If the order arrives on Monday that would be fine, too.
    No Rush.jpg
    I'm waiting patiently, and it doesn't matter when the blades arrive. The new SS Colonial General and I will be fine until the blades get here, no matter when it is.

    (If you believe that, I have a great deal on some bridges!)
  17. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    When I ordered mine from Ratuken, they sent me an email with the cost of shipping. I then had to reply to it saying I wanted them. Someting like that. You kind of have to order them twice.
  18. The SE1 is outstanding, used it today with a Proline for shave 7 on the blade. It can easily be my only razor, worth every penny! I only use the Schick Proline AC blade.
  19. shave/brush

    shave/brush Contributor

    Unfortunately I can't use the Schick Proline blades in my ATT SE1 razor because they don't fit. I bought my ATT from their first run and that was a known problem, blades fitting tight. They corrected it of course. No matter how hard I press the blade it won't fit into the SE1 razor. So I use that blade in my Mongoose or my General.
    Of course I can use Feather and KAI blades in the ATT.

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